the Determination of the coordinates of the transmission lines and their parameters using drones

New technologies in the service professionals

More recently, the UAV - unmanned aerial vehicles, invented in the first half of the XX century, was used only for military purposes. And now the situation has changed. UAVs began to be used in various spheres of public life - in geodesy for conducting the topographic survey, agriculture to establish the area of fields and quality of seedlings, maintenance of overhead lines (VL) transmission.

the Determination of the coordinates of the transmission lines and their parameters using drones and drones

Experts from the company "Guild Engineering" has developed new technologies, has acquired unmanned aerial vehicles and required for processing of results the software and entered in the list of services, determine the coordinates and parameters of transmission lines with the use of drones. Contracts are like for permanent maintenance and for the implementation of one-time surveys.

definition of the coordinate lines and their parameters using drones and drones: what you need to know the exact coordinates?

Uninterrupted service of power lines, in addition to many external factors is conditioned by the strict observance of project documentation during construction. However, for various reasons, sometimes the design position of the support is not adhered to. This entails, particularly in conditions of uneven relief, violation of such parameters as the boom wire and dimensions. The intervals between anchor supports standardized, and thus subject to control.

the Exact coordinates of the transmission lines and their параметрb need to know to comply with the Rules of device and exploitation of electric installations. Set the minimum distance from wire to border guard and sanitary protection zones, and distance to structures, land plots, houses and various cultural and sports institutions. In the changing environment easy to follow, with relevant topographical survey along the transmission line. This survey is carried out with the use of drow that have equipment that takes photographs, and GPS devices. Drones can be controlled from the ground, and that models designed for professionals, provide separate control panels to adjust the flight and take the picture. This allows the operator that makes the shot, no distractions, and thus, significantly improves the quality of geodetic works.

With the help of the UAV are determined by boom SAG and the dimensions of the wires. Thus control parameters of the transmission line. When flying the drone along the route of the overhead line is installed the presence of vegetation that threatens the integrity of the wires, and determined its area.

How does the strut supports on the parameters of the power lines and the use of drones to establish a position of support?

When non-uniform sediment soil Foundation support, weak connection and clamping of parts, improper installation support probable occurrence of a deviation of the support from the vertical in excess of allowable values. This can create additional tension and be a cause of a violation of mechanical strength.

With the help of the UAV can be performed aerial photography and obtained high-resolution images, which are distinguishable up to 5 cm of the real location and the coordinates of the transmission lines and their parameters. Also created 3D terrain model in a modern 3D editors. The advantages of using drones in the review of LEP undeniable. The efficiency of the UAV allows to use them for continuous and periodic observation of the area to identify emergency situations. 35 km per hour for linear features such rapidity of shooting using UAV.

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