Determination of the location of the land

Cadastral works stand out among other land use procedures because they affect not only the interests of one client works, but also the owners of adjacent lands. So that there are no claims to each other among neighbors over land boundaries, is define the location of the land plot.

positioning of the land

In the course of determining the location of the mandatory step is the alignment of these indicators with the owners of adjacent parcels. But before you can agree on borders, they must be installed, which means to determine the coordinates of all key points.

Location of the land plot is based on data contained in the documents on this area. In case if there will be a new boundary – refinement, title and  documents the owner has not, then the information is taken from the material compiled during the first procedure.

There is another option – land surveying documents may be lost or damaged, the the location is set on the basis of those boundaries, which stood unchallenged for several years.  These boundaries may have the appearance of protective structures  or be determined by natural features (pool, green area, etc.).

the Procedure of determining the location has the required component is agreed. Coordination is conducted with the owners of neighboring properties. It can be as the site owners who have land in ownership. Also these are the people who inherited the land or tenants.

Approval of the location of the site the majority is carried out immediately after  the boundaries of the territory placed in the ground. However, this part of cadastral works can be carried out after some time after you define the boundaries.

Establishment of location of the land plot specialists-engineers of the company " Guild Engineering”. They perform this work with the help of special equipment, which allows to fix the exact  coordinates of the site. As already mentioned, the site location may be marked by fences or natural objects passing just on the verge. However, if the land is a clean place without any distinct markings and fences, boundaries need to be fixed the boundary marks. When boundaries are established and drafted legislation to carry out these works, we can proceed with the approval procedure.

the Agreement of the location of the land is performed in several successive stages. First we need to prepare. It consists in identifying the owners of adjacent lands that serve stakeholders. In the second stage is performed directly by the approval procedure. In its course the experts conducting the work at the site, provide access to data obtained during the key works to all concerned. At the final stage, signed the act of agreeing the boundaries of the land. The document is incomplete if it does not contain a graphical component in the drawing view area.

In a land management practice commonly, questions about plot and delineation are resolved in court because of claims of owners of adjacent lands to each other. This can be avoided if time to set the location of the land plot and agreed with all stakeholders.

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