Determination of the boundaries on the cadastral number

To date, the most effective define between can only cadastral number, that is why the decision boundaries on the cadastral number " and is the main focus of the surveying company Guild Engineering.

the boundaries of the area has always been a matter of dispute between the owners of adjacent lands, the so-called neighbors. Fight for extra yards, and sometimes even centimeters of the earth can be so severe that it only ends in the courtroom, and then not always. Therefore, timely fixing of boundaries is very useful and necessary service provided by our company within the framework of geodetic works. We can carry out the procedure of carrying out of the boundaries of the site have been completed and installed on the key points of the special characters that no one has already had no claim on your territory. The more that we do not just put the signs, but also display the corresponding official document - the Act of making boundaries in nature. This procedure is needed if you want to perform any operation with your ground or in litigation beyond the boundaries of the territory, to make the establishment of boundaries. However, its main purpose is that it is included in the list of required works to obtain cadastral number.

in Addition to installation boundaries on the cadastral number, the main geodetic work for registration of cadastral documentation is a cadastral survey. It can accurately fix the boundaries of the territory. In addition to your site, the shooting will be adjacent in order to establish the correctness of existing borders, comparing them with a documented. In particular, should be binding for the State geodetic network in a single coordinate system. Mandatory condition cadastral work is not just shooting neighboring territories, but also documentary negotiate boundaries with their owners.

procedures For cadastral survey the important point is the preparatory stage. At this stage, the surveyors must first develop terms of reference for carrying out this process, without which to begin the main work is impossible. You also need to determine the pattern of work and study previous materials land engineering and cadastral nature concerning this area.

On the basis of this shooting is made cadastral plan, which recorded not only the border, but the geodetic coordinates of the land, and other key parameters. In particular, this applied also and immovable objects, if any, on the shooting site. With a well-formed documents on the results of cadastral surveying on the site you can start registration of cadastral numbers. Then go to step the establishment of boundary markers.

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Cadastral survey, conducted by our company, is carried out with the use of certified electronic tacheometers  and high-end GPS systems, only certified experts with relevant profession and qualifications. Thus, we can guarantee our customers with high precision and correct operation of determining boundaries. But it is important. Because even a small mistake by the surveyor during the filming process or during processing of the results and drafting of the plan may result in significant customer problems with its neighbors, and spatial organizations.

to Determine the boundary cadastral number will help the specialists of the company " Guild Engineering". In addition to providing this service, our surveyors will carry out such works as the establishment and restoration of boundaries. They also will help you to get inventory number on the ground and much more. Call us with the joy of advise, give good advice, will help you to identify areas in between cadastral number. To contact our staff, you will be able the telephone number listed on the website, or to communicate with them in an online chat. Also operates a service "Request a call back" using which, you can also contact our experts.

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