Determination of the area of the land plot on the map

the definition of the areaTo determine the exact area of land is possible thanks to the implementation of certain geodetic works. Surveying services are provided by specialist zemleustroistvu or independent expert. The performer of these works must have some experience in providing these services, relevant qualifications and possess the skills to use specialized equipment. It is through these components it is possible to carry out all surveying work aimed at defining the boundaries of the site, and efficiently. Land and technical expertise allows us not only to solve the question of the definition of land as well such as:

  • the actual size of the land plot by the set parameters of the State act certifying the ownership of the territory;
  • the disturbances of the border neighbors;
  • what square footage is the property of the owner.

The relevance of the determination of the area of land is quite high. First of all, it affects the material side of the issue - depending on the area priced to sell or lease land, and also depends on the size of its tax. This is a valid reason for carrying out these procedures carefully. The land area is determined after performing geodetic studies. This sequence greatly facilitates computing works, because when the geodesic analysis is carried out measurements of the boundaries of the site. And already on the basis of these data it is easier to perform the calculation of the area of the site.

This procedure can be done in several ways. In some cases a combination of two methods. Each method comes from a combination of the characteristics of the site, the destination of the future structure, size, relief, results of surveying and measurement, availability of cartographic documents. The first method is analytical. It is the most accurate of all three. It is based on measuring the area under the lines and the corners of the site, as well as their coordinates. Apply certain computational formula. This method assumes the availability of geodetic measurements, which are taken as a basis. The quality of preliminary surveying depends on the quality of the analytical method.

Graphical method is used in cases when there were pre-measurement sites. In this case, the measured angles and lines are not on the site and on the plan or on the existing coordinates. All the necessary plot is divided into simple shapes - triangles, rectangles. Separately measured each figure and calculate the area. If the parcel polygon, it is better to perform calculations on coordinate points. In General, this approach may give erroneous results.

The mechanical method involves the calculation of the square on the plan, but with dedicated devices, such as planimeters. On the map with the necessary plot device and, based on his testimony, the calculations are performed. Here also, in addition to the correctness of the mapping plan on accuracy can affect such factors as the accuracy of the instrument itself. Mechanical is the most inaccurate of all methods.

The company "Guild Engineering carries out any works associated with land. we Have in the state are competent specialists, surveyors, engineers. They perform and preliminary surveying, topographical surveying, measurements of the land and professionally carry out the determination of its area. It uses a special computer program that allows you to make calculations of any complexity in the most authentic way. As a preliminary measurement of the area of our company will provide additional accuracy in performing calculations.

The cost of the data of geodetic works depends on various factors.

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