Determination of the subsidence of soil, rocks

Guild Engineering will perform geological studies to determine the subsidence of soil, rocks, relative subsidence of soil, type of soil conditions of the subsidence, subsidence of soil properties. Delivering new methods in the laboratory to produce accurate identification of the type of subsidence of ground, as well as:

  • definition of the subsidence;
  • determining the type of soil conditions of the subsidence;
  • determination of subsidence of soil properties;
  • methods for the determination of the subsidence of rocks;
  • determining the type of subsidence;
  • definition of the subsidence of the soil;
  • determination of relative subsidence of ground;
  • definition of the subsidence of loess soils;
  • definition of the subsidence of rocks.

Among the characteristics of soils allocated their broadcloth, our task is to perform the determination of the subsidence. This term implies a degree of ability of the soil to shrink in volume when wet, if it is not possible to expand on the sides. Often broadcloth appears in early spring when everything thaws, including the soil, between the loose elements which melt the icy elements. The process of the subsidence impact vibration and seismic activity in a certain territory. All soils depending on the degree of porosity and the intensity of the subsidence are divided into neprosadochnyh, selenoproteome and subprocedure, this is the methods for determining the subsidence of rocks.

Before designing the Foundation needed to perform the determination of the type of soil conditions of the subsidence, namely the definition of subsidence of soil properties.

Another differentiation divides all soils depending on the type of settlement (the type definition of the subsidence). So, outstanding type, subsidence, which occurs under the weight of the soil. The second type requires additional external load, in order to sink. It is the type and the degree of the load, which is capable of withstanding the ground prosazhivayas, is determined by geological analysis in the laboratory. In order to understand how strong this place drawdown, you need to know not only the rate of the wetted form, but the original data pressure and humidity. Knowing the initial parameters, which are minimal, we can predict the behavior of soil under more severe stress and humidity. And accuracy of these data is most important when conducting geological studies.

Typology soil of the subsidence, as well as other indicators related to this issue are determined by exploring the countryside, familiarisation and consideration of the condition of those structures that are already built on this territory. Must be performed and laboratory tests, as well as a special study in the form of soaking experienced pits aimed at determining the relative subsidence of ground and the definition of the subsidence of loess soil.

at the stage of exploring the area, we need to find those moments that are very important when making a General picture about the geological features of the site, the definition of the subsidence of the soil. These moments are the location of the site relative to geographical indicators, climate, terrain features. About the presence of the subsidence can say and phenomena such as subsidence saucers.

Geological analysis to clarify components of the soil layers and the changes that occur in the soil as the change of these layers and their deepening, its density and humidity. When sampling is necessary to observe special equipment and be extremely careful,  to prevent mixing of the layers, to maintain the integrity and humidity.

laboratory tests and practical soaking the soil in the pit allows engineers to obtain full information on the extent of the subsidence of the soil at this site, and the definition of the subsidence of rocks. Without this information, it is simply impossible to develop an action plan on the site before the construction works. Geological analyses to determine the subsidence will help you to build a safe and secure structure. And qualified specialists of our company will carry out all necessary work and provide accurate results.

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