the Determination of SAG and wires dimensions using drones and drones

Definition of SAG and dimensions of cables with the help of drones and UAVs - future

Maybe soon we'll cease to be surprised bezplatnemu that flies over his head. These devices make life easier for people making over half an hour the amount of work that a person performs for hours. Especially significant is the use of drones in difficult places. Therefore, a survey of air-lines (VL) transmission use of drones - case, which gives great hope.

determination of the SAG and wires dimensions using drones and drones

the company "Guild Engineering" offers a new service - computing using UAVS (unmanned aerial vehicles) of the parameters of wires.


Why is it so important definition of SAG and wires dimensions using drones and drones

the SAG of the wires is characterized by the arrow of the SAG - the vertical gap between the lowest point of the wire and the straight line is laid between points of attachment on supports. Of the electrical wires overhead boom SAG positive, as the point is below the line. Another significant figure VL is a dimension - distance from electrical wires in the span vertically to the ground or water surfaces and are held under power lines communications and other engineering objects.

From the arrows of the SAG depends on the observance of dimensions elektroprovod to ensure a safe service lines. VL is designed so that at the lowest temperature of the air in the area of the passage lines have not ruptured.

a Specially crafted computer software processes the information coming from unmanned aerial vehicles. A drone into autopilot mode, or controlled from the ground using the remote control, flying over power lines, fixing the arrow of the SAG and size of the VL. Mounted on the drone camera allows you to set the status of the supports and the presence of foreign objects.

benefits of using a UAV to carry out these works are as follows:

  • lower material costs for the measurements;
  • high speed run-all dimensions;
  • maintenance sdissues without disconnecting the lines;
  • high reliability.

Definition of SAG and dimensions of cables with the help of drones and drones: the frequency of execution of works

for the First time elucidate the slack and setting the dimensions occurs during acceptance of overhead lines in operation. Thus, checking the correctness of the installation. Losing the line in operation organization, which must provide the admissions Protocol of control parameter data.

Maintenance overhead in the process of operation is accompanied by implementation of inspections and preventive checks with subsequent elimination of the fault. Reviews are periodic (conducted every month) and extraordinary (performed after various natural disasters and accidents). On separate sites annually engineering staff conducts inspections.

in the case of new intersections with engineering structures, the system checks the dimensions. This value is normalized by the rules of the device lines. For example, the distance from wires to the ground for 10 kV overhead power lines shall be 6 meters.

of Particular value the control parameters of the power lines gets a needed increase capacity of transmission lines. It could also be the operational situation in the network, when there is a gap or off the plan one or more lines, or is the prospect of connecting new energy-intensive consumers, and the construction of new power lines, or impossible, or impractical. The increase in heating of wires leads to a decrease in size that require control.

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