Determination of distances to nearby sites

Every land has its limits. And every definitely borders on other areas or on all sides or only with a few. In any case, each owner of the land has neighbors who are also owners of their land. Neighbors often can interfere, if we are talking about the wrong location of boundaries of territories, protective structures. Therefore, the survey questions to the fore. In order to solve them, you must do some surveying procedures, for example, the definition of distances to nearby sites.

However, even if the subdivision is solved and exhausted, relations with neighbors is not the end. Make buildings in your area, and on-site neighbors were safe, they must be properly placed on the site during planning and construction. There are a number of rules and regulations that must be observed by each owner of the land. And key provisions spelled out in the Land code of Ukraine.

One of the important issues is the question of the location of the residential and farm buildings in relation to each other, and also to  the neighboring lands. This matter is regulated by sanitary norms. Therefore, each site must have a sanitary protection zone, the dimensions of which depend on quantitative indicators of distance. Typically, margins are measured from the boundaries of the territory to a certain object. This takes into account every element, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant. Distances should be computed to the dwelling house, barns and outbuildings and even to the plants (trees, shrubs). This is with regard to the boundaries of the site.

But do not think that if the yardage to protective structures and the neighbouring territories met, on the site it is possible to arrange the structure as you want. Between the individual elements within the territory must also be balance and order in terms of square footage and location. Takes into account the distance between the main residential building and features such as a lavatory, shower or bath, a well, a cellar, utility building.

in order to have an idea of what and where located or is expected to be positioned, you need a clear picture. To ensure that it will help the scheme to sanitary protection zones. This is a small graphic that represents a drawn plan of the land and the adjacent territories of neighboring properties and roads. This scheme is applied to all items of real property, which is already located on the site and also those that are only supposed to be placed. The scheme is designed in the same scale, so all these elements can be transferred to the correct location from each other in a given scale.

And so there were no complaints from neighbors, we have set the distance to nearby sites. So this information is indeed accurate, measurements using a tape-measure at the household level is not suitable. In this case you need expert help that will set quantitative indicators using survey equipment. The mapping also depends surveyors. And better that and defined boundaries, and developed the graphic scheme of the same experts. Then you can rely not only on well-coordinated work, but also quality result. Exactly the result you will get if you ask for help to the company " Guild Engineering”.

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