Determination of the land

Description land is not only a set of technical reports, graphic materials. This is a separate official document that is comprehensive. The definition of land fully disclose the characteristics of the site itself. This document is required for any operations with the ground. In particular, in the course of sale full description is a necessary component of the contract. Such description must be included in the package of the cadastral documentation.

the Description should be as complete as possible. The fact that this document is drawn up in such a way that it was possible to see the full picture of the territory and to learn specific area. If in the course descriptions will be taken into account not all of the items and sections, it will lose its own direction. Specifics give numerical values and characteristics, especially the information about the coordinates.

as description land is a comprehensive document, then, accordingly, it contains several blocks. In addition to such data as area, terrain, and other actual, geodetic terrain features, there is also economic characteristics, and describes the legal information for the public. Only surface data list looks like this: location and coordinates, cadastral number, shape, area, terrain, water resources data, and the environmental situation, the destination site, the presence of real objects, the location of the communication lines. From a legal data is the address of the owner, if it comes to utility, industrial facility, information about the inventory room, the Desk, the owner.

In each case, the description may be supplemented by various characteristics depending on the object and its purpose. For example, if we are talking about the description of local area and wide area or quarter, there is need to specify information, demographic, environmental, and social orientation. And in that case, if the area is of historical or cultural value, then you need to specify which period of history or cultural direction it is connected. Also in this case, should be expanded and description of infrastructure.

component description land is a definition of site assessment. It is the completeness of the information on the site, and will play an important role in the nal value of the land. Determine the cost involves the study and detailed analysis of the most optimal ways of using this site.

Another element of the comprehensive description land in addition to the text part is the visual information. In particular, this image of a territory that clearly convey the accuracy of everything that is described in the text.

in Order to make such a comprehensive document, it is necessary to explore the site, and to study a large array of documentation technical design package and cost estimate, technical passport BTI, the results of geodetic surveys, financial reports, accounting and so on.

If some information with the Statute of limitations, are outdated and irrelevant, then you may need to update information. For example, if the results of geodetic surveys are outdated, you will have to re topographic survey. In any case, specialists  Guild Engineering will be able to hold definition of land high quality and as fully as possible, taking into account all its features.

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