Define the area of used arable land and vacant plots

what you want to determine the area of used arable land and vacant lots?

Drafting the business plan can be difficult. A business plan is developed not only in the creation of new businesses or farms, and when entering them into a new stage of development or changing directions. A significant part of the business plan is the financial plan which include all anticipated income and expenses. Rather than lay figures underlying the calculations, the more realistic will be the plan.

For arable land needed to establish their exact square for counting techniques required to acquire, respectively, and lubricants. More authentic than is known to the cultivated area, the more accurate will be the calculation of fertilizer and seed.

Vacant areas are a source of development. They should be used for the expansion of the arable area or the organization of subsidiary production. Especially in the latter case, it is better to know whether there is enough space to accommodate that zamisljeno.

the Equipment available to professionals in order to determine the area of used arable land and vacant plots

Modern technologies have stepped far forward. Once the surveyor would spend hours pacing on the ground with wooden feet. Now this is not necessary. In order to measure the area of 30 km2 with a quadcopter from the height of bird flight requires no more than an hour.

What are the innovations provided to the industry at the disposal of the geodesists and land surveyors, measuring field sizes?

  1. Drones. Drone - an unmanned aerial vehicle fitted with equipment for aerial photography. Has a small size. Operated by remote control.
  2. Quadcopters. A quadcopter drone with video camera. You have the option to take pictures with 16mp resolution. Three axis stabilization system guarantees smooth and stable picture frame. Controlled via the remote or app DGI Go. The operator performing the survey are not distracted, professional models of quadcopters is equipped with separate controls for survey and control the drone.
  3. GPS equipment, which can be installed on the car. Just drive around the area, the area which you want to define. This will take into account even the terrain.

Quadcopters and drones performing the survey from the height of several hundred meters, very convenient for the production of aerial images of agricultural land.

Who can determine of the used arable land and vacant lots?

Employees of the company LLC "Guild Engineering", long concerned with execution of geodetic works in the territories of agricultural purpose, over the years has gained considerable experience. The firm purchased the necessary equipment for conducting both aerial and ground measuring surfaces.

It is maintained through preventive measures and are always ready to perform work. All employees are highly skilled and are ready to cooperate. Obtained from the results of aerial photography, information is processed in modern computer programs and is given to the customer in a convenient way. The customer receives an e-map created on the basis of the orthophoto, which displays arable land,vacant plots and their area. All customer wishes are taken into account. Can be made a wall map of the agricultural enterprise.

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