Breakdown of the main axes of the building Stakeout construction excavation

Engineering geodesy plays a very important role in construction. The construction of any buildings or structures must be accompanied by geodetic data. One of the types of engineering-geodetic branch, is the breakdown of the axes. This service is conducted for establishment of planned and vertical position of the characteristic points and planes of a building to be constructed on the site according to the project documentation.

breakdown of the axes provides the most accurate transfer in kind of design solutions surveyors. These works are performed by experienced, qualified professionals who can perform the breakdown of the axes qualitatively and in the shortest time. These are the professionals of the company " Guild Engineering".

breakdown of the axes of the building you may need not only during the construction of real estate, but is no less relevant during the implementation of the installation of equipment on the axes. Also without this service will not do quality mark company logo on the fields in large letters.

in order to commence the works on the Stakeout axes, you must have the project documentation. There are times when only verbal agreements between the customer and the contractor.

In the preparatory phase, work is underway to identify ways to consolidate axial signs. These include concreted axial points, metal stakes, etc., affect the final cost.

when you call to company with the geodesic direction for ordering this service you may require the implementation of splitting axes with high-precision surveying instruments, annual state checking on him, and the certificate of the surveyor carrying out the breakdown of the axes, confirming his qualification.

plan breakdown geodetic axes

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On work on the Stakeout very rarely takes a whole day. Most often, these works surveyors have time to spend 1-5 hours. As with any other work on geodesy, breakdown of the axes has several stages, interconnected chain:

  • the first step is to determine the position of principal of the fixed center axis. They are defined by coordinates of points of the geodetic base.

Once the data axis is found, they are fixing;

  • the second stage involves detailed construction breakdown of the axes of the object. A breakdown of building elements are much more accurate than a breakdown of the principal axes. At this stage, the removal of design points and marks in nature.
  • the third stage is carried out around the building.
  • at the final stage of a survey made of pegs, the data is transferred to the software, which are displayed on the project. At this stage all the necessary documentation: the act of splitting axes and the Executive scheme of axes.

permitted a little error in the definition of the axes on the ground. For permitted principal axes of 3-5 cm (in some cases more) for a detailed axis 2-3 mm.

breakdown of the axes is carried out to determine the position of all buildings or structures on the ground.

Marking represent a complex process, which is required for carrying out installation and construction works and is an integral part of. Their organization and technology implementation directly depends on the wishes of the customer and the construction process.

the Stakeout we carried out applying the method of rectangular coordinates. During the work our specialists use high-precision surveying equipment - total station.

the Company "Guild Engineering" has many years of experience in providing surveying services, and through this experience I can say that the drawdown of buildings should start with the identification and recovery of boundaries or their check. The boundary coordinates are taken from the cadastral map, which is relevant at the time of execution of these works. When the boundaries of the site submitted checked the axis of the future of the property. Methods and the methods of their making are defined according to the original geometric data.

most Often for splitting axes in construction or for the removal trails in the nature of surveyors with at least two sets of surveying instruments of various actions, among which the complete set of GPS, electronic total station, total station with engineering.

Data obtained by this equipment can be used to transfer layout contractor and regulatory authorities.

Upon completion of the setting of axes on the plot is transferred to the customer, the act of acceptance-transfer of the geodetic framework for the construction, which has all the necessary signatures and seals.

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