Monitor the condition of the crops

something to monitor the condition of the crops?

Business plan of a farmer is based on the numbers. Making analysis of the source positions, the owner of the land is studying the success factors. Building forecasts, it provides a certain yield of the field. But weather conditions, plant diseases and the ability of people to make mistakes (e.g., not timely processing of the field or not made within the time feeding) make adjustments. It is therefore important to monitor the condition of crops. After all, the loss of crops is a direct loss.

besides, in the process of plant growth allocated areas, where the plants germinated well and, where necessary, reseeding or fertilizing, where the plants got sick. With this purpose it is necessary to identify areas of agricultural work.

What information technology offers in order to monitor the condition of the crops?

For the person waiting for a good harvest, it is important to track whether the time plowed the land and sowed seeds. It is also important to observe how the germinated seedlings, the behavior of the plants in the growth process. All this information is obtained using unmanned equipment.

On the basis of unmanned aerial vehicles - UAVs (also called DRONES) and created the drones performing work, including that for agriculture. This drones and quadcopters. Drone used for agricultural work, has small dimensions and good maneuverability. The quadcopters with a view of the structure of the helicopter, often in the corners of the four propeller.

These drones are equipped with GPS, compass and camera, which made photographing the earth's surface. With BLAH, the whole they may be called drones, created cartographic base on which all objects have the exact coordinates. On the basis of the overlaid vector layers (fields allocated areas). Basis provides the possibility to accurately calculate the area, and, accordingly, the plan of operation, calculate the necessary resources.

Multispectral photography, used the last few years, allows you to monitor the status of crops. According to its results, you can:

  • to determine the level of nitrogen in the soil and plants;
  • to calculate the vegetation indices, leaf surface humidity. In the pictures it is well visible places where seedlings are not germinated, and plots of afflicted plants. E-cards can predict the yield, as they can be clearly distinguished sections with different number of plants.

Economic feasibility - this is the main advantage of UAVS used in agriculture. Monitoring of crops is done periodically or at the right time, and the use of inexpensive and brings quick result is relevant.

Refer to professionals for work

is not Enough to buy a drone or quadcopter. We still have the software for processing the information received. Quality professional camera much higher. This gives you the opportunity to do more accurate calculations. But the price is more.

Drones used by professionals that can perform tasks automatically. The customer may enter into a contract with the firm of “the Guild of Engineering", which will indicate how often you need to monitor the condition of crops. In case of emergency will be additional overflights.

Drones of the company, flew over crops, will transmit information to the computer system processing of results. Customer will receive a map of the state of crops in electronic form.

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