Features of the Foundation design on clayey soils

Nowadays surveying is widespread, partly because of the fact that there was a modern automated equipment, which greatly simplifies the execution of all works, making them much cheaper. But modern equipment does not mean that these works can handle any man, so it is impossible to do without qualified professional. There are many companies providing geophysical and geological services and can be difficult to find the company that will arrange you on all parameters. Qualified, to perform the work, quality of work, price of services are those elements, which draws the attention of the Customer in the first place. And there are several companies that exactly meet these tough requirements, the company with whom we work, surveying company GeoTop and company SLC. Below we offer you some reviews about the company SLC and reviews about the company GeoTop found on the Internet. These two companies rarely cooperate, satisfying all customer requests.

Yuri Nesterenko:

“By education I am a surveyor, so to speak, of the old school. In a large industrial facility had the opportunity to collaborate with the guys from the company GeoTop. Did not expect even be able something to learn from the young guys know their stuff, are well versed in the latest equipment, which greatly saves time while working. I can advise the company GeoTop and I am confident that they will cope with any geodetic works at the highest level.”

Anatoly Potapov:

“Faced with the widespread problem of land dispute. Probably, many people who are in the possession of the land, the question arose about its boundaries. Especially if it is a station in the village and left it to you from his grandma, which documents a century ago, a stone fence was built and rebuilt a million times. As expected, the question arose with the neighbors while trying to limit the territory of the capital fence. That claim flew even from one neighbor. To waste your nerves and did not immediately appealed for help to the professionals. To do everything properly and legally help me guys with company SLC. I found them just by reading online reviews about survey companies SLC. The phone received counseling, and learned about the time and price I was all arranged. Did everything as promised, quickly, efficiently, not expensive. And I, and even my neighbors were satisfied. I'm building a house, be sure to turn it in this, already checked me company.”

Lyudmila Petrenko:

“Have a small stav. Memories from childhood as grandpa fished there's a lot of fish, which was not a small additional earnings to the pension. Now this land belongs to me, but becoming is not the same, all overgrown and the fish there to be caught. Husband to my stories about the fish child is not believed, but fishing interested. Money at that time had, so I decided to order the exploration of the bottom and cleaning the pond. What a huge surprise for me was our new clean pond. Yes, and the beach now have children happily go to the cottage to swim, and the husband goes fishing all weekend. Everyone is happy and everyone is happy, and all thanks to the guys from the company GeoTop.”

The company GeoTop not rarely cooperates with the SLC and not just crossed on large objects. Both companies have a team of qualified employees, modern equipment and many satisfied customers in your account.

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