List of raw data for the project of cleaning beams

Improvement of land with a ravine is a very interesting exercise. If approached creatively, you can even abandoned the territory to turn in the most comfortable place on the planet. Of course, this would require time and expense, but worth it. To start you will need to carry out the procedure, which is called cleaning beams. It is a painstaking job and is best left to the professionals, as you may need in addition to cleaning of the ravine from branches, stones and other dirt to undertake additional work directed at protecting them from fraying. To do this, on the bottom are plum, slopes strengthened reinforced network. Properly conducted these works will protect the beam from fraying and destruction, so it is very important that they were carried out by experienced professionals who understand the nuances and will perform all procedures efficiently and quickly.

in order to begin the work you need to have project cleaning beams. The development of such a document is carried out in several stages. The first has a name - preparatory. During this phase collects all the necessary source documentation, after which it is carried out the analysis.

we offer list data for the project cleaning beams:

  • situational location plan 1:500;
  • topographic plan of the site;
  • documents confirming the right of use of this site and the help from local government on the appointment and pereprofilirovanii land;
  • help about the source and amount of inert material;
  • resolution from Dongre on the creation of a pond;
  • geological and hydro-geological opinion on the site;
  • engineering Geology of the site;
  • Protocol on the gamma background on the exhaust area;
  • help on the regime of waste removal
  • urban conditions and restrictions of building land;
  • data source of power supply (in that case, if you plan on lighting);
  • help about item of equipment to be used during the works on the land;
  • help about metalheadcritic area and the background pollution of the atmosphere
  • materials inventory sources of air emissions, justifying materials and permit the discharge into the atmosphere
  • publication of the statement of intent and a certificate from the local authority about the absence of complaints of citizens;
  • publication of an environmental impact statement;
  • the materials on the establishment of the estimated sanitary protection zone;
  • the reference for the development of EIA reports;
  • technical specification for the development of the working draft.

When all documents are collected and analyzed is design cleaning beams. And further, the cleaning itself. When your beam is cleared you will be able to Refine as you wish. Here you can give free rein to their imagination and to embody all the most daring ideas into reality, and the company " Guild Engineering" will help you with this. We don't just develop a project for cleaning of the beam, but also, if necessary, will carry out a topographic survey and site plan of the area, and all associated surveying work that may be needed for the development of the project and the removal of it in nature.

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