Transfer marks on the bottom of the pit

Transfer marks on the mounting horizon

Guild Engineering carries out the Transfer marks on the bottom of the pit and transfer elevations on the mounting horizon, eventually you get the service transfer elevations rapper

Geodetic research is conducted at all stages of construction of the object, starting with the preparatory and finishing commissioning. Is no exception and the stage of excavation. Earthworks is performed at the initial stage of the construction process. At this stage, the surveyors should carefully control the depth of the pit.

first of all, the control is performed on the compliance of the existing actual depth with depth, which is embedded in the project documentation. The control is done with the necessary surveying equipment. Depending on the scale of the object it will be different. For large and deep pits it is advisable to use a theodolite. In cases where the depth of the pit is not too large, then such equipment is level. With his help, and by using Reiki, located in relation to nearby rapper you can exercise full control.

After pit dug, it must be cleaned up to the mark, which is embedded in the project documentation. The final cleaning is performed immediately before laying the Foundation. After Stripping is Executive survey of the pit. To perform this procedure, it is necessary to design on the bottom stamped, to perform a square leveling the entire area, and then clean up and put on the bare bottom base axis. Mark moved to the bottom of the pit, there are fixed on the frames, which are temporary. In the drawing, the resulting imagery, indicate the parameters of the pit, its size depending on the axes. Thus, it is possible to find the difference between the actual mark and design. The discrepancy between these two figures should be minimal. The deviation is not more than 5 centimeters.

Transfer marks on the bottom of the pit runs on axes. If the Foundation has a depth of not more than two meters, there is a specific sequence of actions carrying axes. This algorithm depends directly on the type of Foundation that will be built during the construction of this design. A very large value when the axial breakdown plays a zero mark. It is also called the level of pure sex. This is the initial level of the facility. If this grade was defined incorrectly, the construction phase can be made serious mistakes and errors, which will subsequently lead to negative consequences. Especially the right of the zero mark is needed to choose the appropriate type of waterproofing to prevent water ingress into the structure.

When a new structure emerges from the ground and new floors and ceilings, surveyors re-appear on the object to provide services transfer marks on mounting horizon. Moreover, the reference mark should be sent to each mounting horizon.

To properly move mark on the bottom of the pit, and perform other types of surveying at all stages of the construction company will help you to "Guild Engineering. The exact equipment, qualified personnel and extensive experience allow to avoid mistakes and to produce high quality results.

The cost of this type of geodetic services is determined by several factors. It is influenced by the volume and pace of implementation of works, and more. To book and know the exact cost of the transfer marks on the bottom of the pit, you can contact us either by phone or online chat. In addition to the transfer marks on the bottom of the pit, our company provides a wide range of other surveying services during the construction works. The range of services included: topographic survey, as-built survey and preparation of relevant documentation in accordance with all standards and requirements. All work is done efficiently and within the specified period.

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