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Transfer marks on the mounting horizon we do not recommend to do on their own. The transfer frame is done with leveling. Transfer reference level Sogno to perform in a variety of ways: geometric, trigonometric, barometric pressure, hydrostatic, radar. Trust transfer mark a reference point only to qualified professionals. As the height of the overlap is a key characteristic of the future building.

today, many surveying companies that provide a service for the transmission of frame builders. But we must be still and act transfer marks on the rapper. To do with GPS RTK mode is easy enough. The accuracy is quite high (approximately 1-2 cm). But few of surveyors looking at this construction drawings with the project, planted on palisado. Sometimes the error height was made during the pre geodetic survey. They linked this question is also very interesting, but now is not it. Now, we have 0 project sexes. This is often 40-50 cm above the surrounding roads or mark one of the sewer manholes, which will be made the sidebar(there are many options. it all depends on the design). For example, it is equal 58.00 Baltic system of heights. Builders use this frame, poured foundations, columns and at some point realize that something went wrong. For example, the floors get much below the road, you cannot crash into the sewage system, as found on controlon and so on, it is time to redesign. The designer talks about the raising of the sexes. And this is all unexpected costs both time and money.moving trihedron (elevation) on the site

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We, backed by his extensive experience in construction, at the first stage geodesic breakdown produced a systematic analysis of all the factors that can keep you on time and without losses to finish the construction.

Transfer reper directly to the site of construction necessarily reinforced by the act of acceptance of the marker indicating the elevation and geodetic points, which were laid leveling course. If the rapper was taken by satellites a gps receiver, the server provider provider the contractor upon request can download information about the origin of the marker. This file will list the coordinates and the altitude of the base station, the distance from station to station, the list of satellites from which observations were made, the ratio of signal quality and position of the satellites. In surveying, it is very important to pereproveriat, and so we are working from two providers. Moreover, the data are processed on different servers, and from different base stations. The coincidence of elevations gives a 99% probability of correctness bookmarks construction rapper. All construction elements, such as excavation, Foundation, the overlap of the zero floor mounting horizons are measured from this reference point. All subsequent Executive shooting height are manufactured by this reference.

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