Plan of land boundaries

Land is a key element of the overall inventory process. With him held a number of land surveying and cadastral procedures to collect required data for registration areas in the land cadastre.

a plot of Land is associated with many problems in terms of paperwork. Especially problematic is the purchase of the land. Often is a large risk associated with unscrupulous sellers. They may attractive low cost hide imperfect documentation, irregular borders of the territory. It is associated with the boundaries of the most controversial issues.

the Most accurately conveys information about the boundaries of plan of land boundaries. It is a document, a graphic nature, which records the location of the boundaries of a territory. In addition to this information, transmits a data plan is required about the area of the site and runs in a specific scale based on the geodesic grid. Another important element of the plan is information about adjacent areas.

in order to clarify the guidelines and to improve the understanding of where exactly is this site, the plan should also apply so-called benchmarks. These can be objects that are not on this site, and next to it, but serve as a good benchmark. These include roads, water reservoirs, concrete buildings and other memorable objects.

scope plot has a graphical form and is presented in the form of a drawing, transmitting its shape and position relative to the cardinal directions. In addition to the image of the plot there is also a table that records key information regarding the investigated area – the parameters of the angles, the lengths of the sides. Mandatory information that must be recorded in the plan, cadastral number is the territory.

But in order to properly make a plan of the boundaries of the land, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of establishing these boundaries. It is not too difficult for a specialist, however, it requires great care and objectivity. So trust only disinterested person.  On this meet and many representatives of companies working with real estate and land. They believe that a truly objective definition of the boundaries may spend only a specialist, not interested in material gain. He performs and coordination of land boundaries, which almost always causes a mountain of resentment and from the owner, and from neighbors.

in conjunction with the procedure of demarcation can be performed and the fixation site boundary marks on the newly defined coordinates. They are especially necessary when the area is not obstructed by fences or other elements.

If the boundaries are agreed upon, we can assume that the procedure was completed successfully without further problems. However, if any discrepancies  there, it is often the case reaches a courtroom.

there Are times when one large plot is divided into several small. Each plot finds a new host. In this case, the plan of land boundaries is not one phase, and separately for each of the newly formed territory.

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