Plan of land plot

Guild Engineering will draw  plan of the land plot plan of the land on the cadastral number, Ukraine, BTI, indicate on the plan of land plot boundaries, cadastral plan of the land is the basis for the privatization of land and registration of cadastral numbers.

Among the numerous land management documents the main graphic material is a plan of the land BTI. It is a map document that passes the location of the land, its boundaries, shape, and any objects that it contains natural character or property. The boundary of a land parcel to plan displays a red dotted line.

plot depends on multiple characteristics of the territory and population. So, first of all, important land area and its shape. Key  the moment will be and topography, which determines the location of the building. This is especially important if your plot is on a hill or ravine. Natural conditions, climate and side light are also not the last value. And, of course, another factor is the geological indicators - type of soil, its composition, the nature of groundwater and their number, and other parameters.

Plan of land plot on cadastral number, Ukraine (cadastral plan of the land), which has a final form and approved in special departments, is called the General. The master plan is officially approved document. It is by the parcel owner will be able to do any operations on its territory - any deviations and independent action. Cadastral plan of the land plot has a clear coordinates that are entered in the cadastral map of Ukraine. Deviation from the approved site plan threatens penalties the owner of the land. Any action must go according to plan and to meet the condition of security. This particularly applies to communication systems and connect to them.

Cadastral plan of the site does not have a specified expiration date. It is effective yet reflected in the data on the boundaries correspond to the actual data. In the case where the actual data is changed, it is required to design a new landmark plan, without which early compiled cadastral plan, located in the land register cannot be changed. Cadastral passport of the land plot registered in the cadastral circuit Board, can be obtained at any time.

If you have plot, which has been tested and approved, you will be able to accurately and correctly to develop a housing project, regardless of its destination.

General plan of land plot on cadastral number, Ukraine, as a rule, is made in 1:500 scale plan of the land plot BTI. In addition to this drawing here is another series of maps that display the location of the site on the ground, transmit all the available real estate, engineering networks, the boundaries of the land. During the development of the plan of the land is necessary to take into account not only your desires on the location of the main building and additional facilities, but also to consider regulations sanitary and fire of nature, the location of communications.

in Order to begin developing plan of land plot, you must have on hand the results of topographic and cadastral surveys in the form of plans. This will allow you to see all the main features and characteristics of the area. The engineering networks will help to understand exactly where they are. In addition, there must be a scheme, transmitting the location of roads, driveways and adjacent areas. And of course, at the time of development of the plan, you should determine what, how much and in what places you want to build on the plot.

Our company will help you with your preparation plan of land plot BTI. It would be to go with your direct participation, and taking into account all your wishes. This will allow you to bring your ideas, while adhering to all rules and regulations. And the complex of works prior to the plan in the form of surveying and its processing is ordered, we will provide the maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Plan of land plot BTI will become the basis for the preparation of title BTI on the house and land.

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