Planning of reclamation activities using drones and UAVs

today the efficient management of farms is possible only in case of availability of full information about the state of the cultivated land. However, it is not so simple: it requires large labour costs and hence financial costs. The most modern way to avoid extra costs is the use of drones. This approach is not new, but every year is gaining popularity. Particular interest represent drones for farmers − these machines are increasingly used to create field maps, monitor crops and other agricultural activities ( including planning of land reclamation).

So, drones, equipped with photo and video cameras, can carry out regular flights and to help farmers to control acreage. Even such equipment can detect the problem areas on which culture affected by the infection. Not by chance that the planning of reclamation activities using drones and drones is a very popular service.

the Advantages of the use of drones

These aircraft are absolutely safe for the environment, fly at low altitude (100-600 m), and allow you to accurately distribute fertilizer in the fields. Made using a multispectral camera mounted on the drone survey, promotes the correct definition of the most fertile areas by taking pictures from a bird's flight. To entrust the planning of reclamation activities using drones, and drones should the professionals − employees of LLC "Guild engineering". To order this service by dialing the phone numbers listed on the website of the company.

How to use drones in agriculture?

For careful planning of reclamation activities using drones and drones and reduce production cost, it is necessary to know how to use innovative flying devices.

There are some variants of work in which the use of drones will quickly and qualitatively to solve the following tasks:

  1. to Perform the analysis of soils and fields. In this case, the drones will engage at the initial stage to create three-dimensional plans, which are important for initial soil analysis.Such data are necessary in planning of crops.
  2. Modern equipment allows to plant the seeds, reducing the cost of the work by 80%.
  3. When spraying. Aircraft scan the landscape of fields and spray the right amount of water, ensuring uniform coverage of the cultivated area.
  4. Control of the crop. Standard control methods do not adequately harvest efficiency because large areas of cultivated land. Because of this, many farmers resorted to satellite imagery, no different good quality. The drones provide high-precision shooting allowing time to detect and resolve problems in the fields.
  5. Indisputable advantage are drones in the evaluation of the scope of work and monitoring their execution to build systems of irrigation and melioration.

Also, these new technologies often are equipped with special sensors to determine the condition or in need of fertilizing plots of land, to calculate a vegetative index, which defines how quality will be the harvest. Therefore, it is sometimes possible to save the whole crop. Often services such as the planning of reclamation activities using drones and UAVs includes environmental monitoring of agricultural fields and their security.

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