Eld survey of crane tracks

Warning action : horizontal and vertical shooting crane tracks for the price of 2000 UAH per 400 meters.

Shifters is an integral part of industrial production, engineering, and energy industries. One of the main components of these production areas - cranes. They can be divided into the bridge, gantry, tower. In addition to the cranes, there are other types of lifting mechanisms, which are able to lift and carry from one shop to another heavy and bulky cargo. All these cranes are moving along a certain trajectory, determined by the paths.

For the safe operation of this equipment developed special rules and regulations. According to these instructions, the cranes and their shifters subject to regular inspection and monitoring. In addition to simple inspection, it is necessary to perform geodetic survey in order to monitor their work and the consistency of the parameters of the original normative indices. Shooting crane tracks total station, total station is currently the most accurate instrument in engineering geodesy.  In those cases, when only is the design and development of crane tracks, you need to consider the free access mechanisms in order to carry out geodetic survey .

horizontal and vertical shooting crane tracks is part of the geodetic works in the shops and on the production. It is often used laser method. That there was no contingency in the entire production and to avoid interruptions and inaccuracies in the operation of cranes, the survey should be carried out periodically. During the horizontal and vertical shooting is determined by the altitude and the planned location of rails crane rails.

Each of the parameters examined very carefully, as to the operation of the whole mechanism put forward very strict requirements. Because we are talking about multi-ton structure, which carries no less heavy and bulky cargo. Such a burden can significantly influence the position of the crane tracks and in some circumstances warp. In addition to the weight, influence change provisions may other factors - temperature and its fluctuations, subsidence, Foundation, and others. Deformation may occur through the distortions of cranes, the wear track, beamed ceiling.

All data obtained during the field work is then processed using special software. It is made up in Excel. This program allows you to see information on altitude and the planned position. As to vertical position, this table shows the relative marker control points, the possible excess along the row at neighboring points, and a graph of vertical position. In addition, it enables trace of excess in the cross section. Be seen in the table the planned position possible residuals of control points from the straight line that passes through the point ways which are final. This table also allows you to track on each axis, computing the width of span. This program is very convenient to use and allows you to carry out the work quickly and efficiently, so very much appreciated offsite workers.

Control crane tracks is quite a difficult task, because the production conditions are very difficult, and crane paths are located at a height of several tens of meters above the floor. During eld survey are the following parameters - gauge, measure the length and breadth of the way, and its slope, distance gaps at the joints. In addition to these basic parameters are fixed and the other, not less important, the rules for which are prescribed in the regulations.

As already mentioned, the measurement of crane tracks requires a lot of attention, accuracy and skill, so that in the working conditions of production to carry out all the measurements. The company is the Engineering Guild has all the necessary equipment and staff sufficient qualifications and skills to carry out the shooting and leveling at the highest level.

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