Poderina geodetic survey

The purpose of the poderina survey (Paderewski how short it is called surveyors) is the topographic map of the area and precise location of each growing in this area of the tree. The objectives of Paderewski may be different. This accomplishment of territory of an apartment building, and landscape design infield. Reconstruction of public spaces is also performed with the use of materials Paderewski. Laying of pipelines, construction of playgrounds for sports and children's runs on topographic plans with the designated trees.

Poderina geodetic survey

A topographic map with location of the growing plants need designers for landing spots of the building and identify trees and shrubs that are subject to cutting down.

Poderina surveying: stages of work

The preparatory stage includes study of the materials available at the site of execution poderino shooting. To run itself Paderewski must be a current topographic map of the area. If such a plan on the entire territory or separate area is not, then the question of the implementation of the topographic survey.

Followed by a field period. At this time, the surveyors will go directly to the place of work. Shooting justification is created using the GPS equipment or a strip of theodolite lines from the points of geodetic network. The survey of the trees is performed using the total station and milestones. Shooting with a large number of trees has its own nuances. Bright clothes of veshecco helps to determine their location. You must mark the captured trees to avoid confusion. When shooting forest plantations may interfere with shrub and undergrowth.

The trees on the property survey plan (topographic plan showing trees, shrubs and lawns) should be displayed indicating their type. Trees during the execution poderino shooting are assigned sequence numbers. Inventory plan accompanies paraceta statement. Besides that the plan of tree species indicated by the conventional sign, perekatnoe statements provides a description of the tree - its thickness, height, crown condition, sanitary condition.

Cameral stage of Paderewski is to build a topographic map with indication of the type and location of trees. Can be a plan with detailed perekatnoe the list, which contains information about tree pruning. The same goes for building centreplane. To dendrological plan legend shows the tree subject to transplanting, cutting down those that remain.

For reliable identification of tree species and their status may be invited dendrologist.

The last phase - transfer of materials to the customer. Materials are produced in paper and electronic formats. A computer program, which will be made plans, pre-approved by the customer.

Poderina geodetic survey: who to contact for performing this type of work

Poderina shooting is a separate type of surveying. Domestic normative literature fairly stingy in relation to these topographical and geodetic surveys. Hence the great importance of a clear understanding by the performer of the task.

Specialists of the company LLC “Guild Engineering” carried out qualitatively poderina surveying, as have the necessary equipment and technology manufacturing operations. Poderina shooting the price of which is determined by some factors of the work, will be performed by our experts efficiently and in a short time. Poderina shooting cost is calculated based on the area of the site, its remoteness and other factors.

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