Calculation of earthworks by the method of cross-sections

Guild Engineering will perform the calculation of earthworks by the method of cross-sections, it is necessary to perform detailed surveys to determine the characteristic point in the direction of slits of width to determine the square of raw materials in the sections of diameter and then multiply by the distance between cross-sections. So we can do:

  • calculation of earthworks by the method of cross-sections;
  • width of geodesy;
  • methods of cross-sections in the calculation of volumes.

Calculation of earthworks - mandatory geodetic procedure in any construction process. From the correctness of its execution may depend not only on the quality of further construction activities, but also the accuracy of financial estimates. This procedure is carried out at the design stage, before to start any action on the site.

the Object of study are earthen structures, which include trenches, ditches, embankments. They accompany any construction from the very small to large. Assistants in carrying out calculations of the volumes of earthworks are choropleth maps, which are prepared in parallel with the project and contain all the information about features of the site, its topography. They are applied and mark, without which this procedure is not necessary. Determination of the amount of excavation work is done much easier through the use of special tables and nomograms. They allow computing the process much faster and attain absolute precision in the calculations. There are several methods of determining the amount of excavation work. On what better to use, is affected by certain factors. It and the terrain, and the desired accuracy of the calculations and the view of earth structures.

Calculation of earthworks by the method of cross-sections is a very simple procedure, but very responsible and relevant to the construction. Because in addition to the above financial side, there are also technical issues that are solved with its help. It is, first of all, the definition of the method of construction and the means for their realization.  the main principle on which are specialists in the course of her is a breakdown of the total area of earth structures for a number of simple geometric shapes. The results, calculated according to the formula of finding the volume of a particular shape enough to put in order and get the result.

At the calculation of the volume of the earth can be used multiple methods. The choice depends on the goals, the scale of construction, the characteristics of the area. The main of them are the methods of cross-sections and prisms - triangular and tetrahedral.

Method of cross-sections or cross-sections would be appropriate if the relief on the building site is flat, without any abrupt changes. On the sections of the terrain, endowed with characteristics that distinguish and draw cross-sections. The distance between such profiles should not exceed 100 meters of Area and volume of soil of each segment is calculated separately and then summed. Method cross-sections, though simple, but it is designed to receive not too accurate data, but rather approximate. It is appropriate to use during the preparatory stage, when considering the project and the accuracy is not yet plays a key role. And when you need the utmost accuracy, it is better to resort to other methods. Though they are more time consuming and complicated, but will give the best result.

Guild Engineering as a leading organization in providing services surveying nature, and provides services to count of earthworks method cross-sections. Our experts know thoroughly all the technology and the steps of this procedure, and after exploring the area accurately determine the method that will be taken as a basis. Having accurate and quality results of the calculations, your construction process will be able to move further in the right direction.

So we can order:

  • calculation of earthworks by the method of cross-sections;
  • calculation of earthworks any other method and method.

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