Calculation of the amount of excavation work in the development of the trench

in order to correctly select the required method execution earthworks, as well as the appropriate tools, you must first perform the calculation of volumes of these works. Such calculations are carried out with the purpose to determine whether the removal of soil, which was obtained by extraction from dug pit or trench, or will be able to evenly distribute it on a certain area on the site where the works. If in the course of the calculations will become clear that this soil can be left in place, it is advisable to use later, for example, in order to fill the excavated trench after the completion of the work in them.

Sometimes such situations arise when excess soil should be disposed of, which requires certain transportation costs. The need for this removal is required in the case where the soil is clogged or toxic. Also, be aware that just take and take out excess soil, even if it is not zagryzneniy and toxic, and to put it somewhere in a secluded place will not work since it requires a special permit for recycling. It is therefore very important before carrying out these works take into account every nuance. The trench design can be carried out not only in summer but also in winter. As you know, in the winter these works will require additional costs in connection with the difficulties arising from the physico-mechanical properties of soil, characteristic of this season. This is the reason for the development of the trench in the summer. Excavation work at this time of year can be produced by several methods.

the Calculation of earthworks at trench excavation also helps in such matters as General earthwork and schedule. For professionals who have long engaged in such services, the counting procedure will not take much time and will not cause any difficulties. Especially if the shape and size of the same trenches or other features (pits or cavities) simple and small.

earthworks is most often calculated using geometric formulas. If trench or pit is complex, then apply a few simple formulas, data which are then summed. In the calculations it is necessary to take into account the angle of the slope, which is determined by soil characteristics, prevailing in the area and specifically in this area. Most often, this angle varies between 30-50 degrees. For example, the angle of repose of wet soil will be less than dry (dry clay is 45 degrees and humid - 35). And if we are talking about the Sands, there will be quite the opposite picture. The degree of repose of dry sand will be 28-30, and wet around 35.

in Order to correctly calculate all the quantities we need to have modern equipment and special computer programs that will allow you to perform all the calculations. Using these programs you can take objects of any complexity and in any form. In addition, it is necessary to perform the photographing object. It also requires a certain qualification of specialists and special equipment for such work. All of the above components has the company "Guild Engineering. In their efforts to count the amount of excavation work our specialists are guided by only the most advanced techniques and methods, using equipment appropriate level, and with the active use of computer programs. Only this achieves fast and accurate result. In addition to the actual calculations, we make the necessary topographic location and the object on which the work is done. The survey is carried out before work starts and after its completion. This helps to achieve the most reliable results and avoid controversial issues, especially when it comes to calculating the cost of earthworks.

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