Calculation of the amount of excavation work the pit

At the beginning of the construction of any buildings or structures necessary excavation, size and depth of which depend on the object under construction.

the Need and necessity of the pit can be determined by the purpose and type and future buildings. Construction of the zero cycle begins with the excavation:

  • the digging of pits and trenches for foundations, breakdown
  • laying of pipelines and network cables
  • ground transportation; loading;
  • unloading
  • backfill
  • unit of the mound with his seal.

In the implementation of earthworks are the types of machines: drilling and auxiliary, earthmovers, excavators.

Calculation of earthwork for excavation

Knowing all the necessary dimensions to calculate the volume of work for the preparation of pits, trenches and embankments is quite simple. To simplify the calculation of the volume of the pit is divided into a certain distance (100 to 200 m) into separate sections, first determine the volume at each of the sites, and then summarize them by defining the total scope of work. For the choice of methods and means for their implementation and counted the amount of excavation work. Establishes the need for otoski soil or considered the possible ways of its distribution in the territory to use for backfill. The duration and the cost of excavation work. To calculate the volume of these works is one of the important steps in the development schedule. The results of the counting of such works determine the need for labour, digging and other machines, constructions, products and materials. According to the volumes are determined and production methods, the development of process maps for key processes of construction, calculated the estimated cost of installation and construction works, technical and economic indicators.

to Use the excavator or to do everything manually?

Consider all the pros and cons of each of these options. The pit or trench is dug more carefully than the excavator. Comparing cheap labor, a small earthwork volume, the cost of renting an excavator and other machinery, you can determine what the final cost will vary in favor of the first method. But when a large amount of earthwork in the efficiency of the gain excavator obvious. Ultimately, the decision will depend on you. To carry out works for the Foundation of the device was comfortable, he pulled out of the pit for the stock. Its dimensions must be 600 - 800 mm along the perimeter of the outer boundary of the pit. Since the removal of soil off-site entails increased cost and increased time frame, you need to find ways of laying the ground without leaving any residue on the construction site. To get this equality and the result is "zero" ground balance, you need to plan and to determine the optimal level of the plan at the site. This solution is the most favorable.

the Sequence of excavation work

Initially, it is necessary to make a layout of the pit. As previously mentioned, the dimensions are determined by the intended purpose of the object under construction. Layout of the pit is carried out by means of pegs and a thin cord, which mark the spot on which land is held. To verify the geometric accuracy, are measuring the two diagonals of the designated area. Geometric accuracy is confirmed by the coincidence of these diagonals. Unfortunately, this method is only suitable for land with a smooth surface. Our experts use specialized equipment: level, theodolite, laser tape measure. Such devices allow for a short period of time to obtain accurate data to the millimeter, allowing you to perform excavation work much faster.


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