Counting of volumes of the earth works

In the construction of various real estate plays a major role in the implementation of a specific work package, which is called the counting of the amount of excavation work. This is a very important stage in the development of a schedule of installation and construction works. The exact calculation of earthwork volume allows you to define the necessary methods of construction works, the amount of the required materials for the construction of the facility as necessary construction machines, as well as the need for labor resources. At this stage also determines the estimated cost of construction and of technical and economic parameters of the project. Calculation of the amount of excavation work is carried out in accordance with all requirements and standards set out in the digest of rules and regulations. These works should only be entrusted to experienced professionals who will be able to maximize the accuracy to make this calculation.

How to check the amount of work that the contractor has fulfilled?

the Best way is not to save on geodesy. Having at its disposal relevant topographic mapping at the scale of 1:500, the engineer can calculate the upcoming excavation. The surveyor enough to impose a model project on a plan to create a digital elevation model and figure of the project (pit). That's the complexity of the project and the required accuracy of the calculation depends on how you count. For example, if you roughly estimate the number of machines for removal of soil, plus or minus 10 cars, it is sufficient length multiplied by the width of the pit and then to a depth development.

But in our day to take 1 KAMAZ ground in a pile for 2 kilometers, with loading, and then put it back on backfill could lead to a thousand UAH. And this is just 7 cubic meters in the same way kamazist can say that he has achieved 100 Walker, although it took 500 cubic meters, which translated into salable about 71-St.

so, how not to get deceived!

  • At the stage of pre-project preparation manufacture of geodetic measurementsplot;
  • Vycherchivaya plan s 1:500;
  • Fix on the site rapper to any of the parties could check mark on the plan and on the ground;
  • the Blend project to shoot;
  • Consider the project the volume of the excavation works;
  • Define the development time of the pit;
  • With a certain periodicity (day, week, month) performed the measurement of the pit with the calculation of the volume of the earth and procentowy of the total(estimated) volume;
  • On completion of excavation pits make the final, detailed Executive survey of the pit;
  • Compared with the project the excavation;
  • Compute the volume of the earth;
  • Collect all the necessary documentation for the coordination with the customer or contractor:

At this stage ends the period of signing the acts of the works and the period of calculations in accordance with the Treaty earlier, the price per cubic

But in any case, even after the expiry of the time according to surveys, you can check the volume.

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