Underground utilities

it is No exaggeration to say that communication is essential to ensure that any settlement. Without electricity and heating systems, gas supply and Sewerage, water supply and communication it is impossible to imagine a modern city or village. Communication can be both ground and underground. Together they form structures of technological nature, which are necessary in order to transfer energy, gases, or liquids. To transport these gases, liquids and energy on highways, pipelines or lines. This is a web that entangles town and stretches even in non-residential areas. In some places the interweaving lines of communication so dense that it is very difficult to find a place for the construction of an object. And underground utilities are a special difficulty, because they are hidden from the eyes and their exact location can only be installed with the help of special geodetic procedures.

In the regeneration of a particular area on the location communications is necessary to pay attention first of all. First, it depends on the accuracy and security of the site. And secondly, it allows to carry out the process of connecting a new object to those communications.

to Thoroughly examine the nature and location of the underground utilities will help geodetic procedures. In particular, it is necessary to hold an Executive survey or topographic. Why is it necessary to apply different types of shooting? It all depends on what stage of the existence of the communication is carried out her research.

If you have a line only pave, in this case you will need it Executive survey. To hold it is necessary at that stage, when the line is built, but the trench is still not covered. During its execution complied with the standard procedure. First training, then developed horizontal and vertical geodetic network and only then is shooting itself all the communication line. If part of the line is hidden under the earth, that during the procedure you need to find the underground part. When the whole stage will be finished, you need to process the data and to develop maps. Another document is the technical report. As-built surveys shall be subject to all the elements of a communication line. In General, they are almost identical for each of the types of utilities except for certain features.

the Second option geodetic survey - this survey. It is set when close to the site or directly on it for a long time already laid all the necessary communications. But in the course of work on the plot - construction, reconstruction, improvement and other need to bring these lines to the new object. You also need to be aware of their presence, in order to correctly place all the new items on site. Topographic survey underground utilities can be a component of the total pre-project topographic study areas. As a result, with respect to communications, is stated on a separate topographic scheme. It is an integral part of the technical documentation of the project.

to Hold the Executive and topographic surveys, and properly prepare all related materials will help the company Guild Engineering. With years of experience and skills in conducting such survey procedures, we can guarantee you the correct information and quality results.

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