Obtaining a building permit

Getting a construction permit resulting actions for the building in accordance with the law

Construction - it's not something that can pass unnoticed to others. Even if you have collected the necessary material resources for the successful conduct of such an act, should their actions be legitimate. Otherwise, the claims arising can destroy all undertakings.

Obtaining building permits is a process that requires a certain preparedness in terms of legislation, accompanied by the preparation of different materials surveying, town planning, environmental and patience. If you are not willing to give this issue enough attention, contact the specialists, who by virtue of professional duties involved in the preparation of documents for istatistikleri permission to build and by getting this official paper. Such specialists are employees of the company LLC "Guild Engineering”. As we have repeatedly had occasion to issue such permission, the process happens without unplanned delays and leads to a positive result.

What documents you need to prepare the person who has decided to lead individual construction, to provide to the inspection of state architectural-building control

For istatistikleri permission for the erection of houses people choose to build on an individual basis, should prepare such official papers:

  1. to Write a statement that he needs a permit for construction.
  2. documents confirming the right of land ownership or the documents on the right use of land, including a leasehold.
  3. Issued by the Executive authority of permission for the construction of the object of urban planning.

  4. Coordinated by local authorities for construction and architecture design documentation.
  5. If the building will be carried out by a contractor, it is also the obligation of the contractor.

If an individual developer plans to build a building height of 2 storeys or more, or there are special conditions of development (the site is characterized by the complexity of the Geology, or the site is located in area of high seismicity), then the developer needs to ensure the implementation of technical and author's supervision.  

the Stages of creating the documentation necessary for registration of the permission

All the subjects of construction must adhere to the Regulations on the procedure for granting permits. Inspections gosarhstroykontrolya there is a register of the issued permissions. Them at the place of the administrative-territorial location of the object, and applying for applying for permissions and related materials. The package of documents for obtaining a construction permit consists of:


    decision of the Executive body of the Council or the local administration that allowed the construction of the object of urban planning;

  • documentation certifying the ownership of the land, the boundaries of which will be built the object, or the right to use it, the developer;
  • of the findings of the inspection expertise;
  • of the materials that establishes the responsible persons of technical and architectural supervision;
  • the design - build master plan and the passport of the facade, as well as explanatory notes, approved according to the established order.

Authorization is granted for a specified period. If the developer had not met in the allotted time, the permission should be renewed.

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