Services for geodesy

Why geophysical research?

Geophysical studies are quite diverse and therefore can be held to resolve various issues. Most of the services for the surveying necessary for construction, design, repair or restoration work. It is important to note that survey studies are performed regardless of the size of the structure or site. They are necessary primarily in order to obtain accurate data about a particular object and be able to perform all the necessary work. For example, when designing a building, you first need to study the site, which will be held construction. This is necessary in order to correctly compile the project documentation.

During the execution of geodetic works from the company "Guild Engineering" to determine the nature of the relief, its characteristics, location, communications systems (including their underground parts), the mutual location of existing engineering structures, natural objects, etc. If we are talking about a building that already exists, the service of surveying may also be required. In particular, in such cases is often performed exterior surveys and leveling. Also often hold the Executive geodetic shooting.

Of conducting surveys

As mentioned earlier, the service on geodesy are quite diverse. But most often performed the shooting. They provide an opportunity to determine the spatial coordinates of the objects or their parts. The obtained data of the master used for further work. That is why it is very important that the crew work was done by skilled craftsmen that can ensure qualitative execution of all phases of observation and correct interpretation of the results. Most often, the master of the company "Guild Engineering performed topographic surveying. This kind of research allows you to explore a large area in a short period of time and in addition, to make the documentation necessary for the design of buildings, or when buying/selling plots. You can obtain a site plan, topographic plan and a copy of it.

Also, if we are talking about the services of geodesy, often performed as-built survey. It allows you to determine the quality of the construction, repair or installation works, as well as to determine the presence of errors. Usually, this survey is performed after each stage of works and in the end – for the whole facility. For installations, our master can hold a face shot – it is necessary in the case of thermal insulation of the facade of the house, or for his successful veneer. In addition, there are hydrographic and poderina shooting. These services surveying are quite specific, so most surveying companies that do not comply with them. Hydrographic surveys are needed to study bottom and banks of the various ponds, and poderina – to map the location of green spaces in a certain area.

Other services for geodesy

There are also other services for geodesy, which can be performed separately or in conjunction with other topogeodesical research. This may be the calculation of volumes of earthworks, removal of boundaries of land, create a geodesic grid, leveling and others. All these works are performed by our master craftsmen using modern equipment that allows to obtain accurate information. All the studies carried out promptly. During a job our workers execute all the necessary documentation, which the customer may further provide to the state organization. therefore, if You need services in surveying, You can contact the company "Guild Engineering".

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