building a horizontal and vertical profiles flown by a drone

the traditional method of instrumental imagery, which have long been used by surveyors, came remotely piloted unmanned aerial vehicles. Every day they are becoming more popular in various spheres of human activity. This is not surprising: the drones allow you to quickly obtain high-precision images from the air, which greatly reduces the complexity and timing of field operations.

draw a horizontal and vertical profiles flown by a drone

today, drones are widely used not only in agriculture but also in the construction of facilities and roads. Such high-tech devices used for making digital orthophotos, as well as horizontal shooting sections of roads (certainly with reference to the local coordinate system). Play a significant role in aircraft instruments for monitoring of roads and the survey allow us to build horizontal and vertical profiles flown by a drone and drones. It is necessary to determine the geometric characteristics of roads (ditches, mounds and the like).

of drone

the Length of the flight apparatus, regardless of the modification, usually does not exceed a few hours. However, this time is sufficient to obtain information about large areas. The study starts with the configuration of the unmanned vehicle: in the on-Board computer provides data on required flight speed and trajectory duration. A small modern camera onboard guarantees obtaining high-precision results: topoplan accurate, detailed digital terrain models, orthophotoquads to the extent necessary, schemes that are required when constructing longitudinal and transverse profiles of spans.

Вартість проведення аєрофотозйомки від 5 500 грн за 1 політ (приблизно 20 Га)

the Advantages of unmanned aerial vehicles.

  • small size and weight;
  • low noise at work;
  • administration;
  • efficiency;
  • the ability to run even from unprepared sites;
  • to work in all weather conditions (in case of fog, wind, rain).

Drones have become a great alternative to cumbersome small aircraft, and not always accurate] and possible to implement satellite imagery.


Why do we need profiling?

most Often, the construction of horizontal and vertical profiles flown by a drone and drones are required for registration of design documentation overhaul and partial repair of roads. According to the rules, as a result of the shooting, are the following types of profiles:

  • a detailed longitudinal (vertical section of the terrain along the road);
  • exaggerated longitudinal;
  • cross.

Longitudinal profiles required for projects of linear constructions and competent calculation of the volume of excavation activities during the construction of such facilities. Performed at two scales: horizontal and vertical (especially large).

Services from the company "Guild Engineering"

Profile the company "Guild Engineering" has a license and the appropriate permissions to work with unmanned aerial vehicles. Qualified staff, efficiently and in a short time ready to perform the following services:

  1. Implementation of digital aerial photography including a linear feature.
  2. Execution topoplan in digital format.
  3. Detailed terrain modeling (3D).
  4. the Design of the cartographic base for land management activities.
  5. Receiving of geospatial data in GIS.

the Above materials are used to perform the necessary measurements, monitoring of hazardous geoprocess, ekokontrol, estimates of quantities, plotting of longitudinal and cross profiles, as well as visual assessment of various objects.

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