Geological Pre-studies

OOO "Guild Engineering" specializes in a variety of geodetic, engineering, geological, geological pre-design research is not an exception. This kind of geological work is carried out by certified professionals, LLC "Guild Engineering" with many years of experience, using only modern and high-precision equipment. the Pre-project geological surveys are made with the aim of obtaining comprehensive information about the geological conditions of the area, as well as subsequent exploitation of the object.

For the analysis of soils may be required last year cartographic materials for geological research, because in this case without regard to the location of aquifers, salinity, soil type can not do. Only commonly available materials, may be insufficient, resulting in the required survey area. Methods or volumes of geological surveys are selected based on the complexity of the geological conditions of the object.

the Forecast of changes of geological conditions create for the purpose of determining:

  • trends in the composition of the soil under the influence of anthropogenic events;
  • natural phenomena
  • of the nature of the soil;
  • the likelihood of changes in various geological conditions, different periods of time;
  • the degree of danger of various natural phenomena and processes;
  • calculation of characteristics of soils.

Any site unique, before starting design work, should first conduct geological surveys. the geological Pre-studies give a lot of information that can be useful to engineers, surveyors, architects, designers, planners and, of course, geologists. It is important to note that the scheduled pre-project geological surveys can reduce the total cost of the construction of any building on fifteen percent.

there are the following pre-geological stage of research:

  1. When the evaluation of the General characteristics of the trees conduct the health survey. Thanks to highly qualified specialists of the company LLC "Guild Engineering" you can improve the condition of the trees, to heal them and to make decisions on the need for vicharchika some of them.
  2. in-Depth soil properties are easier to study thanks to geological surveys.
  3. topographical Survey is an important and compulsory stage of pre-project geological surveys, through which you can obtain detailed information about the territory. After providing the location information of all required objects, it is possible to begin pre-design work on the development of landscape design.

project Geology, or soil analysis helps to assess the condition of the soil for growing specific plants. Detailed information about the characteristics and properties of the soil will help determine the choice of plants, location of planting. Pre-geological research is carried out by sensing, passionatly, as well as geophysical research.

Pre-project geological surveys can be carried out for different purposes, including the construction of various buildings.  the Building begins with the Foundation, therefore, geological investigation of the soil can have a direct impact on the quality of the future building. Thanks to pre-project geological surveys companies "Guild Engineering" the construction of any building will be less costly, and the structure will turn out high-quality, durable.

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