Coastal protective strip

the Guild Engineering deals with the development of the coastal protective strip, coastal zone, coastal protective strip rivers, lakes, under construction, land acquisition. The complex includes geodetic survey and project development of water protection zones

On the areas of water protection zones there are sections that are located at the shoreline of any water body. These areas are corresponding hard limits and bans on various types of commercial or industrial activities. Coastal protective strip is subject to the regulatory documents, in particular the Water Code. Proceeding from it, these bands are created in order to protect the water bodies and their surface from various contaminants. Protective strip are indicated on all water lines, or on both sides.

as for the size of such areas, they shall be clearly defined in the documents and are of different length depending on the type of water body and its overall dimensions. For example, the width of the coastal strip for small water bodies (rivers, streams) - 25 metres. If the river is medium in size, and if it is a pond by volume exceeding 3 hectares - this band is 50 meters. Ponds larger sizes have the protection of a width of 100 meters. In cases where the reservoir has a slope, and not particularly large (more than three degrees), the width of the protective area is doubled. Also, the coastal strip depends on the location of the reservoir. If there is a dwelling house or specific locations, designation strips depends on the conditions prevailing in the area. As for the sea, where the width of the coastal protective strip is significantly different in size is two kilometers, starting from the water line. It should also pay attention to the steepness of the slopes. In that case, if it is greater than 3 degrees, the minimum width becomes twice, it doubles. It should be remembered that the coastal protection and water protection zones are not the same thing. Water protection zone has a less strict regime. The zones have a certain tightening in the implementation of the households. activities, construction sites and much more. Two data lanes are defined in the design. Overseeing the creation of water protection and coastal protection strips makes the Executive Committee of the local Council.

these sites are to be erected any structure, even recreation centers, sanatoriums, as well as small buildings - villas, Parking lots, garages. The only exceptions are special waterproof design (hydraulic). The use of these territories is negotiated legal documents. In particular, the above-mentioned Water Code and the Land law and relevant resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers.

To indicate coastal protective strip is necessary to make the project and prepare the relevant documentation. When compiling the project it is necessary to take into account all the economic activities that are prohibited to place on the territory of the site. Also during the design scheme is developed coastal strip. After the project will be developed and the plot identified and formalized, then this band will be control over the protective area, and on any activities that are carried out there. Control is exercised over all things that can impact negatively on the state of the reservoir.

in order to properly perform the design of this zone, it is necessary to carry out a special survey coastal protection line. The scales are negotiated in advance at the stage of obtaining work permits. But more often, if necessary the detailed survey, the scale is 1:500. The boundaries of these areas are applied to cartographic documents. Each terrain has its corresponding symbol.

Run project coastal strip, as well as to compile the most accurate, detailed map specialists Guild Engineering. All works comply with state requirements and are coordinated with relevant authorities.

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