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the Company "Guild Engineering" pays great attention to adequate and timely pricing to provide  services on geodesy, Geology, cadastre. The weekly monitoring of prices shall be absolutely all geodetic services, which makes the cost of engineering-geological surveys, as well as surveying, one of the lowest among similar offers on the Ukrainian market. Low price and high quality allow us to participate in open tender procedures in all regions of Ukraine. As a rule, in each tender our proposals take the leading position not only at the lowest price but also on such claims as advance payment, deferred payment, similar completed projects, a rich portfolio and a powerful material and technical base. In the formation of price range we take into account the influence of many factors: the desired timing of the works, state legislation, requirements for local offices, placement of objects, volumes of work. And, of course, discounts for regular customers! You can therefore rest assured: the prices for geological survey will surprise you!

the cost, the quality of our services and terms directly affected by high quality technical  the equipment of surveyors company "Guild Engineering". Our professionals have the opportunity for a little time to do more work compared to other companies. For example, if leaving on a business trip for 4 elevators in different areas, with a total length of the trip of 2,400 km from the office 4 days we can run survey m 1:500 square 90 ha. On a drawing each object will need no more than 2 days. The documents received in such a short time, do not differ and often exceed the documentation, the preparation of which other companies takes more than a week.

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