Advantages of splitting axes total station

Engineering and surveying work is very important in the construction of buildings and structures. At the present stage of mankind's development cannot do without experts in the field of geodesy, because they will be able to deliver quality work. For surveying  a significant proportion is reserved for the breakdown of the axes total station. The first thing you need to consider what is the "total station". The total station is an instrument for measuring distances, angles, determines the coordinates and elevation. Is a kind of theodolite. Tacheometric breakdown need to capture a point and plane on the plan of the future building, i.e. to Your future the building was smooth and without any deviations from the drawings. The shooting itself takes 1 to 5 hours, maybe more, all depends on the complexity of the structure. The result of the shooting, is the staking out surveying benchmarks. The instruments used in the survey must be certified and undergo an annual verification for accuracy. The basis for the breakdown serve as working drawings for the project.

Tacheometry plot is divided into the following stages:

  • a breakdown of the main axes of the geometric elements of the project: control of intermediate axes, horizontal and directional angles;
  • a breakdown of the Foundation, the imposition in the nature of borders;
  • build on the plot center network.

When staking out points used methods such as the method of rectangular coordinates (if already there is a mesh design previously built structures), the method of polar coordinates.

breakdown of the axes includes a certain sequence of actions:

  • first before center work you need to have a layout plan and master plan;
  •  ways of fixing signs;
  • the main breakdown begins with identification of the  main and intermediate center axes, they are the feature coordinates of a geodetic basis, and recorded their location. The error allowed  to principal axes of 3-5 cm, for a detailed axes less than 2-3 mm;
  • when you create a geodetic basis is bookmark permanent and temporary benchmarks;
  • made detailed marking works and takeaway points X, Y, H on the area. Extrapolation of points on the source and the mounting plane is performed by setting at least two working references for each of these benchmarks will serve as a basis for high breakdown;  
  • besides roulette are the measurements of the distances of professional roulette and adjusted for temperature;
  • in conclusion, there is considered to be high-precision geodetic survey, revealing the accuracy of the transfer fiducials in the nature of  design with dokumentatsii;
  • the result of the work is to provide  the technical documentation of the breakdown of axes total station, provision of the certificate of reception-transfer of the geodesic breakdown of axes and Executive schemes axes, definitely certified with the necessary signatures and seals.

For splitting axes apply the following sets of equipment: GPS kit, pole, antenna, high-precision electronic total station, engineering total station, thin construction wands and wedges.

a Summary of the whole work package will be: the act of acceptance-transfer of the geodetic framework for the construction, with  the signatures and seals. geodetic benchmarks in kind, established by all standards of precision, the scheme of fixing the axes, recommendations for the protection of the axial points.

the data are required for contractors and regulatory authorities.

breakdown of the axes total station will be carried out by specialists of the company company "Guild Engineering" accurately and efficiently.

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