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company "Guild Engineering" in connection with the extension, announces the recruitment, specializing in the implementation of geological and geodetic researches. Our company provides the opportunity to work with modern equipment and the latest technology. In addition, employees can regularly improve their skills and increase their level of skill. A team of specialists working with our organization, is a close-knit team,  used to work for the result. In organizing open a number of jobs, the replacement of which is possible after passing through several stages of competitive selection.

Vacancy of surveyor – the candidate should have experience in execution of geodetic works, both on the ground and in the laboratory. Definitely – the ability to process and collate information, to draw conclusions for further studies on the site. In the field need the ability to organize and conduct all necessary surveys, both before construction and as they occur. The work of "surveyor" implies the existence of such qualities, as attentiveness, punctuality, responsibility and high level of working capacity.

our company vacancy geologist. Specialist applying for this position, you must be prepared for frequent visits to the sites to conduct on the ground of relevant research. In addition the responsibilities include identifying locations for drilling with the aim of selecting soil samples. After carrying out all necessary field survey followed by laboratory work on the determination of the physical and mechanical properties of each type of soil. Operation geologist – requires experience performing all of the above surveys, the ability to analyze the data and draw correct conclusions. We prefer to cooperate with people who really love and know their stuff, and so do the work efficiently and promptly.

Vacancy surveyor suitable for a responsible, punctual and meticulous staff conversant with the methods of carrying out topographic survey of the terrain, able to work with modern equipments and to make topographic maps on your findings. This part is a General survey is traditionally considered the most important and requires a serious approach to its implementation, since all the documents are sent directly to the customer. Incorrect creation of graphical applications can cause errors when creating estimates and project documentation, which subsequently will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the reputation of the company. Nowadays very often tender "topographic survey", and in order to be competitive in today's market services", GeoTop Engineering" strives to provide only quality work.

Despite some economic difficulties in major cities and regions of Ukraine are currently under construction and is actively designed new. In this regard, to select the best contractor for performance of geodetic and geotechnical surveys, usually conducted tender "Geology" and the tender "geodesy", which help to choose the best option.

If You are interested in these jobs, and You really are an expert, meets all these requirements, We will gladly accept You into their friendly team. More detailed information is on the website geotop.com.ua.

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