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Soil composition and character can be very different. Each type is endowed with its own characteristics. On this basis, some types are very favorable for construction or other works, while others are aggressive and absolutely not suitable for certain procedures on them. But visually it is very difficult to determine the positive and negative sides of one or another type of soil. For this purpose there are special geological tests that can identify all the characteristics of the soil.

Knowledge about the characteristics of the soil are particularly relevant when it comes to the construction of a new facility and the selection of type of Foundation. Because the Foundation is the Foundation of the entire structure. And it's very important that this key element was erected efficiently and in accordance with all requirements. Types of Foundation there are several -  pile, tape and other. And each of the species get along well in certain soils. Soils also have several types. And choose the soil sample under the Foundation for the analysis, you can determine which type predominates in a given territory, and what Foundation will match perfectly with him.

Taking soil samples is one of the stages of the whole geological complex in the study area. In order to take a sample of soil from wells on the analysis it is necessary to perform the drilling. It was from there that will take the samples. The complex of actions for soil samples and their subsequent analysis is called engineering Geology. This is a series of procedures aimed at identifying soil characteristics, its impact, positive or negative.

By fence soil samples, which will then be sent for analysis to the laboratory, it is possible to identify characteristics such as soil structure, soil type, density, presence in the rocky soil component, as well as groundwater. In addition, through analysis, it is possible to calculate the extent and depth of soil freezing and other equally important indicators. The full set of investigated elements depends on the destination site. For example, if the area is planned to allocate agricultural needs, be sure in addition to the above information must be obtained and data on the extent of soil contamination.

the Whole process engineering-geological survey is divided into several stages - field, laboratory and office. It is on the field stage of drilled wells and are soil samples for analysis. Depending on the size of the plot, and purpose of the proposed construction project is selected, the required number of wells. In any case, even for a small house it must be not one but at least three wells. And made they must be in different areas. The soil from the place of drilling is removed carefully, so as not to disturb the sequence of layers that take place on this section of land.

samples delivered to the laboratory and there carefully and thoroughly investigated. But there are times when those samples that were taken at the site and transported to the laboratory, is not enough. For these cases, there are mobile laboratories. They  are equipped with all necessary in order to check the ground on the spot, without removal of specimens. This approach will improve the quality of analysis. Indeed, in this case used a limited number of soil layers, and takes as long as necessary specialists for the full study.

regardless of where he conducted the study sample in the laboratory or on site, the final step in the process is off-site. During it we prepare a detailed progress report, conclusions are made regarding the type and nature of the soil, and provides recommendations on selection of type of Foundation and construction materials.

a high quality and comprehensive analysis of soil samples you can through our company. In this case, we have a mobile laboratory, which is equipped with everything necessary for the qualitative analysis section. With our experience and equipment to take soil samples and then study to become fast.

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