Extension of the land lease agreement

a Very common situation is when the land owners rent them wish to carry out some activity in this area. Such relationships in the land sector – the phenomenon frequent. Mandatory condition of such deals is to sign the rental agreement. Typically, it is made for a long time – often several years or even decades. After that time the lease terminates. In that case, if the tenant wants to continue to operate in this territory, we need to extend the land lease agreement.

If the person who rented the land, diligently adhere to all conditions,  it easily and will be able to negotiate with the landlord the terms of the renewal of such relations. In some cases it is possible for so-called automatic the extension of the land lease agreement. This is possible if the tenant is  good relationships have been established, all of them in each other satisfied. Then upon expiration, the lessee continues to use the land, and the owner has no claims about this. More often, however, the contract is extended with the written certification.

In the case of an extension it is necessary to collect some papers. Among a number of legal documents and materials have land use pattern. In particular, in order to extend the term of the lease contract of the land plot needed to have a plan for this area, the cadastral plan and the act on the establishment of boundaries in nature. To develop it with the help of geodetic procedures.

Plan of land plot provides information about the parameters of the site, for lease, as well as about all its features. In particular, there is evidence of horizontal features (topography), and located on-site and other immovable objects. Such a plan shall be prepared by the geodetic survey of the land plot.

Cadastral plan is another mandatory document required for making the land lease agreement, and for its continuation. The cadastral plan is important not only for the procedure, but also plays an important role in any land management operation. It contains information about the owner of the land, square plot its coordinates, the location, boundaries. Mandatory element is the cadastral parcel number, and information about its purpose. In addition to data on the site should be information about neighboring realm. Also circuits are applied to existing structures within the study allotment. Cadastral plan shall be prepared as part of the development of the whole complex cadastral documentation – passport of the land plot. To obtain the information necessary to generate it possible by means of surveying the territory.

the Act of defining the boundaries of the plot in kind – the third paper will need to address issues of the lease. It is made during the surveying procedure that allows to determine and to fix the boundaries of the territory. Boundaries are set relative to the coordinates of the plot. And at all turning points are boundary marks. In the end of procedure engineers-surveyors who carried out this work, is drawn. The limits must be agreed with the owners of adjacent plots. Their signatures are recorded in the act and the procedure to be conducted in their presence.

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