Project cleaning of the reservoir lake

Any body of water has the property periodically be contaminated. To avoid contamination, large accumulations of sludge, used cleaning. Also, this procedure is necessary to ensure that water was a bit deeper. Even when deep pond or lake over the years becomes much smaller due to the fact that its shores are not fortified and fall. The pond is dirty, looks very unattractive and deprive yourself of the aesthetic function. The stagnant green water, unpleasant odour emanating from it, reducing the number of fish because their death is only the most basic signs that this pond (lake) is in urgent need of cleaning.

we All know that the waters are divided into natural and artificial. The first man-made, second - nature. Unlike artificial and natural water bodies can self-clean. However, practice shows that in the purification of need equally one type, and the second. This is due to the fact that on the lake, created by nature, influenced by human activities, such as construction. Contamination of the small lake on your site, so pleased you and was the decoration of landscape design, it may even be caused by the fact that about him is wrong species.

Many ask whether it is possible to independently carry out the cleaning of your pond? Theoretically it is possible, and some are also possible. However, we need to have a minimum level of skills and knowledge. Otherwise, you will aggravate already deplorable condition of your pond or lake and will destroy its ecosystem. Moreover, we must choose the right method. And if we are talking about bodies of water large extent, the purpose of which is not only aesthetic, without people you just can not do. What is more, before moving on to practical cleansing, you need to develop a competent project. And here come to the aid of the company the Engineering Guild.

There are several methods to clean up water bodies from silt and other contamination. Among the most popular are: chemical, biological, method, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical method. Each method has its advantages, in which everyone chooses the most suitable. The most affordable is the mechanical method of cleaning. It is done through the use of filters. These filters are very convenient because they can easily be replaced and they do not pollute the environment. The title "biological cleaning"speaks for itself. This method allows to normalize the presence of nutrients in the pond. Method chemical cleaning allows you to create optimal chemical balance. this method is safe, as what remains of the reagents is split into water and carbon dioxide. The method of ultraviolet radiation is a wonderful option for those who want to rid their water from harmful microorganisms.
In the case where the water is very dirty, and it doesn't help none of the above methods, it is necessary to completely drain, and then pour clean water after complete cleaning of the bottom of silt and various contaminants.

the First stage of design is a topographic survey of the area. This geodetic service will allow you to get the most complete information about the water object about its area, location. In addition, specialists will need such knowledge as water depth, which is calculated by the special procedures  and staging the largest deposits of silt. Depending on the received information, you can choose the method that will dominate during the clean. You can also determine the equipment that will be used on the object.

When there is a project, the work of purification will take place really quickly and correctly. Because this graphic document apply all information about the processes that are scheduled within cleaning. In addition to design, we offer to execute the whole complex of works on the pond. In fact, reading the object, we already know all its features. This means that the work will go faster and  will be more effective.

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