Project mining operations

Purpose of mine planning

Project mining operations is made with the purpose of mining. Without prior planning to carry out such work impossible. The scale of operations, the need to attract large financial resources and material resources, the inability to systematically carry out work without prior study of the situation and perform the calculations, without drawing up plans of work - all this makes urgent the draft.

Project mining operations

Problems solved by design, are as follows:

  • to establish the feasibility of construction;
  • to organize the process on a modern level.

To determine the feasibility of mining operations are analyzed the indicators of a technical nature, calculated economic efficiency, check the safety production work for the environment.

Design is performed on the basis of normative-legal base of Ukraine

Company "Guild Engineering" the drafting of the mining operations, based on existing legislation. The qualifications of the specialists familiar with the latest achievements of science and technical progress, allows to create high-quality work production. The development of the project will consider all financial and legal aspects. In the process of creating the project examines such issues as:

  • market;
  • the presence of supply and demand;
  • the supplier's responsibility.

Development Programs that are being developed every year, mining lease and other regulatory legislative acts form the basis of the project, which is responsible for funding and in law when it is run, and in the process of implementation.

Project is being developed on the basis of the task

Stage of development of the field, type видобутb[ кориснb[ resources, terms of performance, and a lot іншb[ факторsd affect the modification of the project documentation. The project mining operations can be developed for the development of new deposits, development of existing enterprises for reconstruction.

When designing quarries takes into account the characteristics of the Geology and production technology. A project contains the information enrichment of the species, the energy security master plan. Important components of the project are economic, transport, construction. The project contains estimates and environmental mitigation measures. When planning mining operations essential element is continuous monitoring of costs and their accounting. The cost of financing needs to be scheduled.

In the design of individual workings in hard rocks, based on the task, justifies the carrying out of blasting, calculated their passport. Justify the choice of drilling, schemes of ventilation, planned processes, cleaning of rocks, construction of shoring and dewatering. Attention is paid to the laying of rails for tunneling machines and the construction of communications. Part of the project mining operations is a chart of the organization of the labor process. The project calculated the cost of the work. The calculations can be studied and verified. Attention is paid to labor protection. Describes the activities made necessary by the safety of its operations.

Choice of progressive technologies of production and methods of organization of work and computerization of processes allow for the creation of a quality project to reduce costs and product costs, increase production efficiency.

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