Design of shore protection structures

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All known destructive power of water. In order for the Bank not damaged excessively under the influence of currents and ice, you must install the coastal structures. They also needed in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of landslides. This is especially true if the coast is washed so that in a short time can be deformed and broken. Human activity is a significant cause of destruction of the coastline, for example, for use in construction purposes natural material available on the beaches, it is often withdraw from beaches in large numbers.

Guild Engineering specializes in complex design of shore protection structures.

depending on the method of construction there are two types of coast-protecting structures. The first is a passive way. It performs exceptionally protective function of the Bank. This option can be found in the port area. In contrast, active variant not only protects, but also reduces the force of impact of adverse factors on the coastline due to the additional elements of its design. Such active structures appropriate to apply on the open coast, where the aggressiveness of water is more in the mind stronger currents. There are cases when one combines these two options simultaneously.

There is another classification coast-protecting structures depending on their location. So, they may be longitudinal or transverse.

Each coast-protecting structures has its own purpose and individual characteristics. Here are some of the most effective and common:

  • Gabion. Are galvanized boxes with stones inside. Gabions can help in the fight against soil erosion. These structures bear no harm to the environment, very affordable and easy to install.
  • Spuntini. This plastic pile option to strengthen. Also are highly favorable with the financial side of the way. In addition, these structures will last for a long time due to the increased wear resistance.
  • Stone. The classic version, which will never lose its relevance. Decorative stone is beneficial looks at the General background and it also protects the shore.
  • Tree. Also, the pile type. The use of oak allows the tree not to peregrinate in water for a long time, on average, about 50 years old.
  • Malls. Designs coming from the shore into the sea.

depending on the material, all shore protection structures can be divided into sloping, vertical and mixed. Face are gently sloping to the water and pose a trapezoid shape. This slope can be made of concrete or stone. The vertical option is actively represented pile type.

So, each of these types qualitatively fulfilled its main purpose is to protect the coastline, and looked aesthetically pleasing on the General background, it is necessary to properly plan the installation process of such structures. The design of shore protection structures is created individually for each object based on topography, geological features of the soil, pond depth, elevation and other characteristics. Definitely need a preliminary geological and hydrological analyses, which will show the composition of the soil, as well as the aggressiveness of the water. The composition of the soil and the degree of aggressiveness of water to a particular material will help to choose the right type of strengthening. If we are talking about decorative shore protection structures and their design used in landscape design to decorate water bodies, then the focus can be done on the strength, namely beauty. In this case, at the stage of visualization ideas in the form of drawings and plans, needs and design assistance. In any case, whatever the object did not have to research and design, this will help the company Guild Engineering.

 We can produce a design of coast-protecting structures from 3000 UAH!

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