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Guild Engineering deals with the design of shore protection. The scope of works included topographic survey for the project, geological survey soil survey of the bottom of the reservoir to calculate the volumes of forthcoming works price of the project structures from 3000 UAH!

Protection is a a number of measures in order to protect the coastline from excessive erosion and damage from the harmful effects of water. Shore protection structures are classified as hydraulic. The damage can cause erosion, groundwater, storm water, as well as waves, current and the moving ice. If the coast sags and washed, it leads to such negative consequences as landslides coastline and its obliteration.

So protection to perform correctly, and that it was really effective, it is necessary not only to determine the most appropriate method, and to develop the project. Designing structures responsible and mandatory procedure. Without a clear plan, it is impossible to perform such a responsible task as the construction of shore facilities. After all, how materials are selected, the selected method depends how well will the new building to protect the coast from the destructive power of water.

Protection can be passive and active in nature. When the passive form of the structures are light coverage, which is not too strong influence on the water itself and its power. Passive constructions are still called flexible. The coast is protected, but the current or waves do not decrease. Bright representative of such passive options can be stone cover with concrete base. Another common and very budget option is the gabion, representing the stone, assembled galvanized mesh. And the third passive way is geocells made in the form of a honeycomb, which is filled by a large sand or small stone.

Active protection is so-called 2-in-1. First and foremost is to protect the shore line from the water. But not the last role is played by the decreased activity of water towards the shore. Such structures may include dikes, breakwaters. They are able to change the force of the water flow and its direction. Such structures are made of solid materials, usually of concrete or stone. But the best option is the combination of these two designs simultaneously. These shore protection projects are most effective. They are a combination of piles as a support and concrete slabs on top.  

Protection is governed by the relevant documents, which include design standards, construction of shore protection structures, as well as their operation. When designing should be taken into account fire safety rules. Moreover, treating V categories of complexity, design structures require expert evaluation. The examination shall be not only ready-made structures, but in the first projects. Especially if we are talking about objects of communal property or structure erected at the expense of budget funds.

Before starting to work on design of shore protection,  you must spend a number of engineering procedures on the ground. We need, first, to investigate in the laboratory the soil, the predominant along the coastline, as well as groundwater and composition of the reservoir, in order to know exactly what materials are best to use in the construction of buildings. Because of the materials depends on the installation method. And you choose the wrong method or materials that come into contact with water or some elements of the soil, can cause more harm than good. All these details will help you figure out the company Guild Engineering, which will conduct a preliminary research work and perform quality engineering structures.

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