Design of houses and cottages

Guild Engineering has been designing houses and cottages. On our website are examples of our projects of houses and cottages, a working draft, rough draft, Design section, Engineering section of all that you get for the price of 75 USD per 1 m2 of the future construction of homes and cottages

Dream house is one of the most ambitious and unattainable for many. However, for those who plucked up the courage and decided to implement it, you need to go through many stages and processes, before the result is ready. To begin to implement this plan, you should know exactly what and how you want to see in your home to begin design of houses and cottages. Perhaps you live in a small town and want a home in the private sector? Or maybe you live in a bustling regional center, but want a rustic coziness and calmness? Regardless it will be a home for permanent residence or country cottage for a family vacation or with friends, you can not do without such an important moment as the design. It is with the design construction begins. The design will allow you to take the first step towards the realization of dreams.

Project future home or cottage can be typical and individual. The model is versatile option. The cost of such a project would be much cheaper in view of the fact that its creation would not need to make special efforts from 75 USD per m2. In addition, selecting ready project of cottage and home, you not only save money, but time, and also can see the approximate cost of construction of the estimates to the model project. This project will be approved faster, and that means you will quickly start construction, since the construction of houses and cottages it is our main activity profile.

In turn individual project though will cost you more, but that's where you will be able to implement their ideas because it is composed for you personally, based on your wishes and the needs of your site. Development  individual project is very time-consuming process that requires a combination of knowledge, mind with creativity and creativity. The only way to create a real masterpiece. In fact, focusing only on numbers, distances, angles and other technical specifications, can completely lose sight of the aesthetics, and the house will come, though reliable, but not too beautiful. On the other hand, making a focus on aesthetics, you can nedosmotrel key technical issues that will lead to serious errors and violations.

Regardless of whether you choose individual or a model project, first and foremost, you need to explore the area is to make geological analyses, to conduct a topographical survey. In the case of the finished project it is necessary to consider whether already developed a version of those characteristics, which are vested in the plot. For individual important survey because it results in topoplan, which will form the basis of the project. It is from this plan will be developed by the project design and all technical documentation for architectural departments. In addition to the General plan, which covers all of the image data on the future structure still requires a number of project documents. These documents shall be prepared for each key element separately. So, managers need to develop project documentation for construction of foundations, floors, roofs and structural elements. Also, these materials need to have on such systems as heating, ventilation, Sewerage, water supply, electricity, gas, communication lines.

Guild Engineering is a team of professionals who are ready to work as a model and an individual projects. Our experts work as a team, which includes engineers, surveyors and geologists, and designers, and designers. Coherent sequential execution of all processes and procedures ensures efficiency and quality of the finished project, which easily passes all the stages of approval in the official institutions and becomes the basis of reliable, durable and safe at home.

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