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The company "Guild Engineering" will help you to make the design of the house. Examples of our projects you can find on our website. Among them: "working draft", "draft design", "Structural section" and "Engineering section". The cost for this type of service from 75 UAH per 1 m2 of the future building of the house. Applying to our company you will get high quality at an affordable price.

If you decided to build, then realize all the responsibility and complexity of this process. This phase of your life will be one of the main and  will take all your time, thoughts and effort. But dream about how you will arrange the furniture in the future house, whom which room they will go away and other "pleasantness" help endure all the difficulties of the construction process. And turn my dreams into reality can be very difficult, but possible. Importantly, only to find a suitable project. And in this case you without professional help. Yes, you can review and study the pile of special books, visiting hundreds of forums on the Internet, to build on the experience of friends and neighbors. But only a professional will be able to assess from the height of their knowledge and experience of the land, your plans and ideas, and to Express their opinion on this. Perhaps what you want, it is impossible to implement in full and need to make some adjustments.

In a complex and multifaceted issue of design will always help the company Guild Engineering. We have individual approach to each project and to each order, even if you want a typical project. Because your site is individual with its size, topography and soil. And these features are the first thing to consider when design house. Each of our project contains the best solutions that meet the soil composition, climate, topography, and areas that are prevalent in your area and specifically on the site. In the design process are taken into account new developments and trends in architecture and engineering. But the main focus of our work is advising on issues and problems. The customer can share their concerns, ideas, Express their opinions and to ask any questions.

the Design of houses is a multilevel process. It is not enough to draw a plan of the structure. After all the preliminary procedures and complete information about site, you need to make ideas-sketches. They can be discussed with the customer, they may be adjusted. Only then you can proceed to compile the project - master plan and accompanying drawings, communication systems and other individual elements.

Our advantage is that we have a diversified staff of professionals home design. We may not be easy to draft and execute a full range of works that precede design. And this is a very important stage. Because of the accuracy and completeness of the knowledge that will be given to the engineer and architect, will depend on the correctness of the entire project at home. Therefore, before designing simply can not do without such procedures as topographic survey and preparation of topoplan and geological surveys on the site. All of these options (relief, square, soil composition), as well as a number of additional characteristics provide an opportunity to objectively assess the site selected for construction. In addition, using topographic you can find the location of the communication networks. And this information is one of the first to be considered during the design of the house together with the location of the property and green areas. This information will help to properly and securely position your home in the plane of the plot.

our staff is professional surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, designers, planners. But design we performed using specialized equipment and software that will allow you to make accurate, correct the project. We have everything you need to implement the most daring ideas in the design of the house.

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