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Guild Engineering deals with the design of the cottages. On our website are examples of our projects, Conceptual design, detailed design, Design section, Engineering section of all that you get for the price of 75 USD per 1 m2.

many word cottage is associated with something is not available, the whim of the rich and famous. However, it is not so. Everyone can decorate your area is small rustic cottage where you want to come and relax. Or maybe you are so like that you will move it from the noisy and dusty city and uncomfortable apartment in a residential area.  So that your cottage was really cosy and safe place for you and your family, you need to focus on stage design.

Self design houses is regulated by normative documents and state standards. The company Guild Engineering is guided solely by the regulations. And the relationship with the customer - only on the basis of the contract that is drawn up individually for each case.

in General, at the design stage of understanding and  the close cooperation of the customer with the contractor is the key to a quality result. First of all, it is necessary to develop the design assignment. It defines key parameters of the future structure. At the stage of execution of the job on the design of the architect maintains an active dialogue with the customer and takes into account all his desires regarding the size of the building, the location of the individual elements of buildings and their relationship to each other.

to begin cottage design, you must already have a number of documents that will convey technical information about the site. This documents such as the cadastral map, topographic map of the area and boundaries of the area, the red line of the building, geological report. You can bring to us ready-made documents made by other specialists. But it is safer and better for you if and preliminary geodetic and geological processes will also representatives of our company. The only way you will be reliable and accurate the parameters based on which you can get to work. In the case of the geological and geodetic survey you may get differences in data that will result in an inaccurate project. Full support of the design stage will help you not only to build reliable and secure cottage, but also to pass freely and without undue hardship through all the official institutions for approval of project documentation. Accordingly, without the project you just not do - your building will be considered illegal.

in Addition to the General plan and project cottage separately developed sections, each of which transmits a project of one or another element of the same structure, and each communication networks - electricity, heating, ventilation, Sewerage, water supply, communications. Because the erection is not only reliable but also beautiful cottage - is a complex task. You need to plan every detail - the size of the house, every room, their location, referred to communication and even the position of the land and adjacent territory.

Design can be divided into architectural and construction. If architectural involves the embodiment of the thoughts and ideas of the customer based on characteristics of the site, construction is responsible for the implementation of communications and engineering plans. Proper structural design is your safety and reliability of your cottage. Because this creates the Foundation, main floors, roof, and all communications. By the way, using the right project can significantly reduce construction costs. Choosing our trained professionals, you will automatically save your money.

Design houses from 75 UAH. per sq meter - this is real!

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