Designing landscapes

If your site is built the house and around the house in a chaotic manner grow all sorts of bushes and weeds, you just need to transform the look of your site with the help of landscape design. After all, your yard is the first thing that catches your eye, so his ennoblement need to pay special attention. Using landscape design  you will be able to show their creativity and make their dreams come true. But in order to see your dreams on your own site, you need to transfer them to paper, or rather, to perform the design.

Landscape design gives the opportunity to develop a common plan of how will look like the plot in the result. So all went nicely and accurately, it is necessary to rationally calculate the area and the layout of those or other objects. Must take into account the topography, which prevails in the territory, as well as geodetic and climatic characteristics. Only properly rasplanirovana landscape will help to achieve the desired.

Designing landscapes contains the set of processes. To begin with, the engineer, land surveyor must be familiar with the object and personally visit the site to thoroughly study it. Seeing everything with your own eyes, specialist offers his vision of the owner. In turn, the customer expresses his thoughts and wishes, which are discussed and compared with those characteristics of the area, which noted  surveyor. No harm will be a topographic survey, which will give you all the necessary and missing information for the proper preparation of the project. No matter how professionally savvy engineer who evaluates the area, the survey will provide a truly reliable and most objective information.

More familiar with the territory, it is possible to outline different ways of how to plan the project and to pass these options as thumbnails. The sketch, which came to the customer, is approved and is the basis for the development of the master plan, as well as individual centreplane. In their development  participate not only engineers, but also designers. In the General plan the sequence of work with all the details, and specify the location of each item of real estate, ponds, gardens, flower beds, paths. In turn, the garden plan involves the transfer of all types of trees that grow on the site and which are only scheduled to land.  Now is the time to do the drawings, which are divided at the center, covering all practically landscape elements (ponds, paths, small arhitekturnye form), as well as on boarding, providing for the placing of plants, indicating their place of planting. The last stage landscape design is budgeting.

Modern software allows special computer programs to fully recreate not just the drawing, but the whole model of the future garden or yard in 3D. Three-dimensional image and the ability to look at each element at any angle allow to make a clear idea of the finished result and amend.

The landscape design includes drawings and other materials. Advanced landscaping project in addition to the standard materials includes additional drawings:

  • plan site lighting;
  • diagram of drainage;
  • diagram of the drainage network of the site;
  • the drawing of the irrigation system;
  • plan vertical plan;
  • design of facilities such as waterfalls, fountains, streams rockeries, etc.

To know the exact cost, but also to discuss the details of the development of landscape project you can contact our specialist at the telephone number listed on the website.

Landscape design is a very labor-intensive, multi-faceted  and complex process. It requires special training and knowledge, and ownership of computer programs. With a strong desire to develop a plan on their own. However, only professional help will give you the opportunity to make this plan really appropriate and worthwhile. The specialists of the Engineering Guild will help you to realize all the plans for re-establishing your territory and make designing landscapes from 8 UAH per 1 m2.

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