Design of reservoirs

Well, when you are the owner of a large land. In addition to the comfortable home where you can perform all sorts of work on landscape design. Among the various components of the landscape design stand out ponds. They are the most striking decoration throughout. Silver water, which glitters in the sun among the green lawns, flowering shrubs and paved paths, immediately attracts attention. But that water was really decoration and dignity of your site, you need to design it properly. And anyone no matter how experienced and qualified engineers-surveyors company Guild Engineering explore areas and will develop the most competent project.

the design is basic and the most important step in creating a lake or small pond, and, perhaps, reservoir large sizes. Like any other object, design of water bodies in several stages.

First specification is made. This stage is carried out in direct contact with the customer. Because he knows that he wants to see on the site. The project outline will be different depending on what reservoir the client wants - a still pond, a small waterfall, a place for bathing or habitat for fish. At this stage, is acquaintance with the land and the place where you want to have the water element. The best option is that, when design of reservoir is run in conjunction with the General design of landscape design. But if your garden is already gentrified, but you wanted to dilute the herbs with water, it is also quite feasible. Thanks to the professionalism of our specialists, a new element of design will perfectly fit into the overall picture and style of the finished garden.

Very important role played by the choice of the location of the pond on the property. Best place for a pond or other any body of water, which in the period from 11 to 15 hours is in partial shade. Unfortunately, this location is very hard to pick up. When choosing the location of the pond is very much depends on its purpose. Remember that if you want in the pond to keep the fish this body of water should be placed at the site, which is located in the sun more than five hours a day. Often the reservoir is placed in the part that is on the bottom of the plot. The pond in this place will look much more harmonious. It should also be remembered that it is best to take the place of the pond away from trees and from those places that will pollute your pond (for example, leaves, grass clippings, dead plant parts, plant residues, and more). This is just best avoided since polluted water body will have an unpleasant smell and often have to carry out work on its purification. Those who plan on the site to place a fountain or cascade, it is best to place it as close to the source of electricity.

When the meeting occurred, you can proceed to compile a topographic plan. The topographical survey and the plan needed to properly fit reservoir in the scope of the plot.

After you have assembled all the important information, you can do sketches - sketches of the future object. Now you as the customer will be able to see how will look your reservoir, he will be in shape, what style will be performed.

And when you liked it, you can make the final and detailed design. There are already accounted for and the vegetation, which will fill or touch the water surface. In addition to the design side of the project in the first place should contain technical elements. And will be implemented idea. These elements include layout drawings, diagrams communication diagram waterproofing and other graphic documents. It also attached and financial justification of the project cost estimate.

don't assume breakdown, even just a little reservoir, easy procedure. One mistake, one lapse and instead of a garden pearls you will get the most problematic area of your landscape. So if you decided to decorate your landscape in such a item, make all qualitatively and leave the job to professionals.

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