Design of reservoirs

Building process is directly related to earthwork. None of the construction it is impossible to imagine without his work with the earth. Earthworks represent the excavation. First of all, it is necessary for us to begin to lay the Foundation of any building, structure or design. Also if you want to pursue engineering lines for pipelines or other utilities. It is no exaggeration to say that with this type of work and begins the practical part of the construction process.

Earthworks is not only the excavation. This is a set of procedures. In addition to dredging is the excavation and processing. Such procedures may be needed if you plan not just to take the land and use it in the future to the construction site.

Earthworks are of different types. The classification is affected by the complexity of their implementation. Based on this criterion are highlighted in the open, underground and underwater excavation. But even the most simple - open type can not be called simple fully. Each species is difficult in itself, requires a lot of effort and lower financial costs. Therefore, earthworks should be approached responsibly.

First of all, you need to conduct a geological analysis of the soil, in order to have an understanding of its nature and composition. This knowledge will help to predict its behavior with respect to construction materials. It is very important to know all the characteristics of the soil area where the planned implementation of the construction process. such information makes it possible to correctly determine the type of Foundation and depth of its mortgage, for future buildings or structures. It should be noted that the correct type of Foundation allows you to avoid accidents that may be caused by cracks in the Foundation, causing cracks in the walls. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, it is necessary to examine the soil, to explore it, to determine its bearing capacity. One should not skimp on these services by providing them performing questionable firms. Believe me, you are a lot cheaper ground surveys carried out tested the geologist.with on-demand companies that have earned the trust of customers than the elimination of the consequences of poor quality conducted geological work. so entrust such work to the professionals of the company "Guild Engineering". We conduct these activities efficiently and quickly. We understand the responsibility that rests on us, so we approach each task competently and responsibly. Geological knowledge will give you the opportunity to choose technical devices and equipment, which will be earthworks.

But before getting down to the work, even if you have the results of the analysis of soil, it is necessary to develop the project. It will be earthworks. You can't leave without this important segment of the construction process. And if the design is done correctly, then you can be calm and for further progress.

the Design is made on the basis of the above analysis of the soil, as well as the results of the geological survey of land - surveying and other procedures. Collectively, these data put into the project and gives the opportunity to calculate the cost earthworks, their volume and the number of necessary machinery involved in this process. The calculation of the financial component is also very relevant, because excavation up to 20% of the cost of the entire construction process. Therefore, such a significant segment of the work to be entrusted to people with the relevant skills. As employees of the Engineering Guild. We know thoroughly all stages of the construction process and preceding stages. Therefore, all procedures will be performed consistently, competently. At your request, this may be a complex of works, ranging from geological and geodetic survey and the realization of the project. You can also order just one service design. In any case, all work will be done efficiently, responsibly and competently.

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