Design studies is a collection of works, including engineering studies, economic feasibility of the construction process, design documentation, estimates. In General, design studies are complex, consisting of two large areas - technical and economic. In these two areas divided all work included in the projectresearch.

In the course of such work, you can gather the maximum amount of information about the object, territories and areas in General - all the necessary information in order to be able to create a complete and accurate project.

technical engineering depending on the purpose can be divided into three large groups, each of which is allocated a number of its processes.

  1. Topographic-geodetic research - allows you to develop a site plan of the area and plot, as well as such important topographic plan, which will be the basis for the project. It was during this type of research you can get information about the topography and other features of the area and specific area, which is allocated for construction. The topographic plan shall be prepared based on the data obtained during the topographic survey. It can be carried out in large, small scale and special scale, which is necessary for the implementation of landscape design. The scale of toplana depends on its purpose. Topographic plan may require to permit the design and construction of the facility on the site, to connect buildings or facilities to electric grids or water supply, and more. Most often it is performed in the scale 1: 500.

  2. Geological engineering surveys. With their help, you can learn all the characteristics of the soil of a particular area. The parameters of the soil can be attributed to their composition, the degree of toughness, deformation and subsidence. All these aspects need to be considered when developing a project for the Foundation of the building. Geological survey is very important, as inaccurate information about the soil would entail choosing the wrong type of Foundation that the result may cause it to deform. In the end, there are cracks in the walls, and emergency. It is therefore important for geological research was carried out by skilled professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of certain skills and abilities.

  3. Hydrological surveys aim to investigate all the parameters of water - dirt, water. Investigated their depth, activity and aggressiveness, ability to influence those or other building materials that are used in the course of the work.

Economic research associated with a justification of the construction works from a financial point of view. As an integral part of the project is on budget. All work aimed at the study area, it must meet not only the technical feasibility of constructing in the area, but also economic. You need to consider how close are engineering structures, communications and other important objects.

engineering you need to make the design process and every part to organize in the best way. Because it is the right project is the guarantee of a durable and reliable structure for many years.

In view of such importance engineering must be conducted by companies that not only have professional staff, but also have the appropriate permissions to the carrying out of such works. Especially when it comes to the design of large objects or objects of industrial purpose. It is important that this company could provide not only individual services, and performed a complex survey work. The only way to achieve truly accurate and objective information and results. All of these criteria in full possession of the company, the Guild of Engineering, which will be able to spend a full range of design research.

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