Implementation of digitizing images

Graphics play a major role in geodetic work. They are the main materials, the results of certain procedures. To date, the compilation of the graphical image has a simplified view due to computerization in all areas of business and engineering geodesy in the first place. Digital version of the map or plan, diagram, or drawing just to design, draw, edit and store. At any time digital image of the document can be printed, if there is a need in the paper.

this is All very convenient and widely used for newly created images. But what to do with those graphics that were developed ten or more than a dozen years ago, when the graphical program is not heard? They must scan. Of course, you can keep the plan area in the folder on paper. However, there are several reasons why it is important to make the digitized version.

In the first place, this way you can provide additional security to your document. After all, any graphic image is of a documentary nature and has a weight of other land use or project documents. On paper he can get lost, damaged. And in a digital form that will not happen.

Another important reason is the ability to make changes, edit the image. If you decide to change the destination of your possessions, to expand or to build up, then you have to change your graphics documents, update them. If your plans only on paper, you need to perecherkivaet all over again, albeit with the aid of computer programs. If the document is digitized, then it is very easy to make changes. It will take much less time.

Digitizing involves a transfer of the image from paper to digital. If you just scan the image, it will have an electronic version, but will not be considered to be digitized. It will only be a scanned copy, you can copy, but not edit. That graphic document was digitized in the full sense of this word, it is necessary to trace. This is a specially developed computer program, which are successfully applied in the daily work of engineers. One of the most popular and convenient programs АutoCad. If vectorization theoretically you need to perecherkivaet each element of the paper the image with the scale, size and all parameters. However, doing it through a computer program is much easier than manually. It will take much less time than drawing manually. You can correct any clerical error flick of the wrist.

Digitizing  amenable to any images related to geodetic works. Most often these maps, topographical plans of different scales (the most common scale is 1:500 and 1:1000). Digitization amenable to the so-called small form - charts, drawings, profiles, tables.

For experienced engineers of our company to carry out the procedure digitizing is very simple. They know the ins and outs of computer programs in which we work. They're watching for updates on time and implement them in their practice. Professionals who have been with us digitization of images, has worked with a variety of graphic materials, ranging from small models to entire maps of large areas. Holding the digitized images in the company of the Engineering Guild is a guarantee of accuracy and full compliance with the new digital version of the original.

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