Peticote 1/500

a Topographical survey is conducted in order to collect all the necessary information about the terrain. The scale topographic plans of work can be both large and small. Topographic survey can be of different types. It depends on the technical specifications.

the types of surveying include:

  • surveying for landscape projects design;
  • poderina survey (represent each tree and poderino list);
  • survey of utilities, overhead and underground lines;
  • Executive topographic survey; large-scale topographical mapping.

Topographic mapping 1:500 (parisotti) is conducted to obtain permission for the establishment of a land management project of the Department of land. Peticote 1/500 shows the topography of the study area. This shows buildings, elements of communication as underground and above ground. Topographic survey 1:500 is required to ensure that the site was registered in Tatarstan urban architecture authority and the subsequent mapping of the locality. Of all geodetic surveys peticote 1/500 most common and is held for the design of real estate.

Holding Paciotti 1/500 requires the carrying out of such works:

  • Assembly of cartographic materials;
  • the survey area, outputs, communications, survey using total station with a key to the accuracy of the scales;
  • processing and the equation in digital drawings of plan and geodetic measurements.

highly Qualified specialists from the Engineering Guild will hold quickly and topographical survey of your land, thanks to its vast experience in conducting these activities, and equipment of new generation, which provides accurate data.

At the end of Paciotti 1:500, the final document will contain such printing:

  • print certified surveyor;
  • print company Guild Engineering;
  • print Tatarstan urban architecture authority;
  • print about the presence of red lines. If the red line is missing, then sealed about the lack of red lines;
  • print confirming the application, according to cadastral data, land boundary.

Value topographic 1/500 depends on many factors. These include the survey area, and work area.

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