Palisada plot m 1:500 Dnepropetrovsk

Peticote is the abbreviated name of the actual copies with topographic plan, maps, tablet. The relevance of platycodi confirmed by the seal of the organization or competent authority, such as Architectural Bureau or the Chief of Architectural Control. The plan scale 1:500 with suitable seal is made at the check-out specialists, where processing the captured measurement and drawing of the plan. The plan is then leased by the company, which was performed geodetic works for analysis, and then further entry in the database in Tatarstan urban architecture authority. After performing all of the above on the plan put two seals. The process of geodetic measurements for the compilation of maps and plans called topographical survey (parisotti called in case of scale 1:500). If instrumental shooting determine the relative position of objects and contours of the terrain, it is called horizontal or contour shooting. The shooting situation and the terrain is called topographic. Shooting is performed based on geodesic framework.

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depending on the application of the methods and devices of the following types of surveys:

  • Eye shooting. Is one of the most simple contour filming. Runs as a helper when doing instrumental imagery, reconnaissance of the terrain, the binding position of geodetic marks the local objects and contours, in military Affairs, and so on
  • Bubalina shooting. is Performed using a measuring tape or roulette and commenced. You can get a contour plan more accurate than eye when shooting.
  • Horizontal (traverse) shooting is one of the most accurate types of contour survey of the terrain. Done with a theodolite, total station, measuring tape, tape or optical rangefinder.
  • through tacheometric survey is one of the types of topographic areas. Is performed for a large-scale survey of small areas, survey engineering structures, etc.
  • Menzogna shooting. Is one of the graphical methods of determining the position of objects, contours and specific points of relief.
  • Ground phototheodolite shooting. is Performed using phototheodolite device, which combines the theodolite with the camera.
  • Aerial photography. With aircraft using a special aerophotogrammetry photographed area.
  • remote sensing. For the compilation of maps and plans using space images of the earth's surface, obtained from artificial Earth satellites.

mainly parisotto requires the designer to landing building on the site. Peticote with suitable need to obtain a permit which will allow you to compile the project land about land area. Knowing mark the earth's surface, slope, and elevation driveways can be designed mark the future of sex and overall flow of rain water.

the Stamp of architecture "Suitable" it is possible to put on palisado only under the following conditions:

  • the Site is located within the boundaries of the territory of the particular architecture;
  • Topographic-geodetic measurements were performed in a local coordinate system;
  • Measurements made in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations, symbols and personal requirements of architects, whose printing. For example, in the architecture of the city border of the plot of land cannot be applied to paciocco, and in the Dnepropetrovsk area without cadastral boundaries caused a unique symbol stamp SUITABLE and don't put it in principle.
  • All measurements are applied to existing tablets, you should consider the following: if the tablet was shooting, it is adjusted; if the tablet was, but empty, is drawing topoplan plot. But in 80% of cases before us geodesy nobody did, and tablets simply don't exist. We add new printed lansanah, and on paper, make copies of them.
  • One of the main factors is to pay the surveyors services architecture. For the use of their materials, we each time you take a tablet pay them from 210 to 350 UAH. Tablet divides the land in the area by size of 250 by 250 meters. Moreover, even a small plot of 10 acres can get to the junction of these tablets. Then the account in the architecture can be increased in 4 times and reach 1300 UAH. One of the loyal steps of the architecture is that if one private plot, with one cadastral number even took 4 tablet, then you can pay only 1 tablet, although the use of surveyors get 3-4 of the tablet. With legal entities and filming on highways so no wheels, and paid all the tablets that are subject to adjustments and creation.

Want to note that if you have a site area of 10 acres, shooting shall be in addition to your 10 acres yet:

  • facades neighbors left, right, front;
  • driveways;
  • all communications passing on the street (water, Sewerage, gas, heating, PTL);
  • or all networks to their connection points.

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