Radiation-hygienic evaluation of the sample field

the Radiation-hygienic evaluation of samples of the Deposit be performed on objects to be checked for radiation levels. Places of extraction of raw materials for building materials belong to this category. Medical legal and developing building standards agencies issued certain rules of the evaluation material. The rules take into account the characteristic features of the Geology of the deposits, their size and type of developed rocks. For the purpose of evaluation proposed for development is radiometric survey, selection of samples and their subsequent laboratory tests performed radiation-hygienic evaluation of samples of the Deposit.

During the start of the project action held a special work, determining and evaluating environmental components, poliudie on the environment during the execution of works on the extraction of natural resource. Conducted radiation monitoring. The influence of the removal of production waste on the environment. In rocks contain natural radioactive substances. The radionuclides are in a dispersed state. Take samples evenly throughout the site intended to develop. The weight of the selected material is 1.5 to 4 kg. the Analysis is carried out specially equipped laboratories. The firm LLC "Guild Engineering" are made of radiation-hygienic evaluation of field samples and associated works. Qualification of employees high.

the use of substandard raw materials in construction there is a harmful impact on people. Therefore introduced strict standards for levels of specific substances in materials for various purposes. Properties mountain ranges in the place of their occurrence allows to determine the radiation controls. All the resources on the content of radioactive components, are divided into 3 classes. Produced by the radiation-hygienic evaluation of samples of the Deposit allows you to determine whether the material to a particular class. The area of industrial use for each class has its own. There are the raw materials used in the production of construction works unlimited. If the radioactivity of the materials slightly increased, and the scope of its application narrows. However, such materials may be used in the construction in the cities. If the source rock is highly radioactive, and the building material obtained therefrom, which has similar radioactive properties, has a highly limited use or prohibited from use for construction purposes.

There are three groups of fields for the extraction of building materials, characterized by different degree of radioactivity of rocks and soils location of radioactivity in various terms and depth. Only radiation control and radiation-hygienic assessment of samples of the Deposit can be classified the Deposit as belonging to a certain group. During the study, the fields lay the network of exploratory wells, which allows to perform calculations over the entire object. But these studies do not reveal the possible inclusion of radioactive soils have a limited area. These inclusions become apparent during the development of the field and can significantly reduce the quality of extracted raw materials.

Therefore, in the course of promoting work in the field and involvement in the development of additional masses of raw materials, radiation monitoring is performed to detect sites of increased radioactivity of soils and quality control of raw materials in terms of radiation on developed sites.

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